Hot, cold smoked duck: recipes, temperature, smoking time

Hot smoked duck is suitable for a festive and home dinner, picnic. You can smoke meat in a special smokehouse, in a frying pan, open fire and using a smoke generator. The dish will be delicious if you follow all the rules of preparation during cooking.

Benefits and calories

Smoked duck is considered a gourmet and budget dish. Distinguish between cold and hot smoking of poultry meat. Differences between the two methods in temperature and cooking time. Smoked duck contains a large amount of protein, which helps to fight the physical and nervous fatigue of the body. For this reason, neurologists recommend eating poultry during times of stress.

Smoked meat contains some substances:

  • vitamins of group B, A, C, E;
  • macronutrients;
  • trace elements.

The most useful part of poultry is fat. It cleanses the body of carcinogens and improves digestion. Fat also regulates metabolism.

Vitamin A improves skin and vision, while substances from group B support the functioning of the nervous system.

100 g of hot smoked duck contains 240 kcal. Most of all meat contains proteins (19 g) and fats (18 g).

Principles and methods of smoking duck

For long-term storage of meat, it is smoked hot and cold. When smoked hot, the product is exposed to temperature, and when it is cold, it is preserved by warm smoke.

Rainy and windy weather is not suitable for smoking meat. It is recommended to start the process on a clear day in the morning. Do not open the lid of the duck pan while smoking.

When cold or hot smoking poultry, it is necessary to adhere to the temperature regime.

How to cook smoked duck

Carcass smoking begins with the preparatory stage. To do this, you need to rinse and pluck the meat. Then they take out all the insides from the bird and cut it up. Distinguish between cutting meat in halves and into layers. Large individuals are cut in the first way: the carcass is placed on its back and the knife is set so that it rests against the middle part of the duck. Then you need to chop it with a kitchen hammer and clean the carcass of small bones.

In small individuals, only the thoracic part is cut, placing it on the layer. Then remove all the insides and wash the carcass in cold water.

Before smoking, the poultry carcass is salted and pickled, most often the method of wet salting of meat is used


The expiration date depends on the quality of the salting of meat. There are 4 ways of salting the product:

  1. Dry ambassador.
  2. Wet salting.
  3. Mixed.
  4. Salting with the addition of brine.

The first three methods are most often used. Homemade table salt is used for dry salting. It is not recommended to add salt with impurities. Such a product can affect the shelf life of smoked products.

Advice! Fine salt is not suitable for salting meat. It penetrates only the outer layer and does not kill harmful microorganisms inside the carcass, because of this, the meat rots faster and loses its taste.

For salting, large wooden barrels, stainless steel pots are suitable. It is necessary that the dishes remain airtight, strong during salting.

The room must be dry and the temperature in it is about 8 degrees. Before placing the meat in the salting container, it must first be cleaned, rinsed in hot and then cold water and dried thoroughly.

After salting the meat, the product is placed in a large container and a heavy load is placed on top: a stone, a pot of water, weights. In this position, the duck should be left for 2 days.

For wet salting, brine is used. It may include the following products:

  • salt;
  • sugar;
  • vitamin C;
  • spice.

The most important ingredient for brine is water. Only clean liquid can be used.

To prepare poultry meat for wet salting, the carcass is divided into pieces and placed in a large container. Next, you need to add brine, the temperature of which is 4 degrees. A load is placed on top of the container and the meat is left for 2-5 weeks.


After salting, the meat is marinated. The liquid gives the dish an exquisite taste and juiciness. Unlike salting, you need to marinate the product no more than 5 hours.

Several products can be added to the marinade:

  • salt or sugar;
  • vinegar;
  • wine;
  • garlic;
  • mustard;
  • lemon juice;
  • tomato sauce;
  • honey;
  • seasonings.

To obtain a high-quality marinade, it is recommended to observe the proportions of the ingredients and mix them well.

Syringe duck before smoking

You can marinate duck meat not only in the traditional way. Spraying allows the deep layers of the carcass to be impregnated. For this, brine is also prepared, and then large and small particles of it are removed through a sieve. Next, using a slotted spoon, put the finished marinade into a syringe. For 1 kg of meat there is about 100 ml of brine.

Syringe the meat across its fibers, otherwise the marinade will leak out.

How to smoke duck properly

Duck smoking is based on the treatment of the product with hot or cold smoke. This dish can be prepared at home.

There are several ways of smoking:

  • in a smokehouse;
  • using liquid smoke;
  • over an open fire;
  • using a smoke generator;
  • on the stove.

The quality of the smoked meat does not depend on the cooking method.

How to smoke hot smoked duck in a smokehouse

It will take 1 day to cook hot smoked duck. For 6 servings, you will need the following ingredients:

  • 1.5 kg of meat;
  • 2 liters of water;
  • 4 tbsp. l. salt;
  • Bay leaf;
  • allspice.

Smoking poultry should be started with the preparation of the carcass. To do this, you need to wash and dry the duck, salt and add spices. The peeled carcass is boiled for 40 minutes and cooled.

Next, prepare the smokehouse: add apple or alder chips.

To drain the fat, put foil on the bottom of the pallet.

After that, the duck is placed on the grill of the appliance and water is poured into the water seal. Now it remains to bring the pipe with smoke to the street and close the lid. The dish is cooked for 30-40 minutes, depending on the size of the carcass.

Cold smoked duck in a smokehouse

A smokehouse is also used for cold smoking meat. It is hung on rods with hooks in the device, chips are placed in a smoke generator. The dish will be infused from 1 to 3 days at a temperature of 30 degrees.

Duck can be smoked by simmering meat at a low temperature in a dry room. To do this, it is suspended in a room without direct sunlight. The finished meat has a delicate aroma and taste.

Smoking duck with liquid smoke

Liquid smoke is used to smoke poultry and animal meat. It is added to the marinade. The advantage of this method is that the dish can be cooked in the oven. This requires a baking sleeve.

In an oven preheated to 200 degrees, put the pickled pieces of duck, wrapped in a baking sleeve. Cook the dish for an hour.

Boiled and smoked duck at home

In order to smoke the juicy duck meat, it is first boiled. The salted and pickled carcass is placed in a saucepan for 12 hours in a dark room.After that, boil the duck for 30 minutes. Next, the dish should cool down.

Pre-cooked duck does not burn or blacken in the smokehouse. You can cook it no more than 10 minutes after boiling.

How and how much to cook smoked duck

Before smoking, poultry meat is often boiled to soften it. After salting and pickling, the carcass is left for 10-12 hours in the refrigerator.

The present carcass is poured with water and boiled with the addition of seasonings, bay leaves, herbs. The meat is brought to a boil. Then it needs to be cooled.

How to smoke

It is necessary to put pieces of carcass on the grill of the smokehouse and cover the pallet with apple or cherry chips to add a smell. The parts should be spaced apart from each other, skin down. The dish is cooked for 1 hour under the closed lid of the appliance.

Important! A tray can be placed on top of the chips to drain the fat and juice from the meat.

Smoking duck at home on the stove

You can smoke duck not only in a smokehouse, but also at home in a frying pan. For such purposes, it is better to choose a stainless steel container. Previously, the meat of the carcass must be salted and marinated.

Sawdust from fruit trees is placed at the bottom of the pan. Then a pallet is placed on top, on which the lattice is placed. Pieces of meat are evenly laid out on a preheated frying pan and covered. Care must be taken to ensure that the lid does not allow smoke to pass through. Duck is cooked on the stove for an hour.

Hot smoked duck recipe on an open fire

Smokehouses are used to smoke meat over an open fire. You can buy them in the store or build them yourself. The design of the device includes a chimney, a grate, a cover, a metal rectangular case.

The fire in the smokehouse is supported by shavings, branches with a layer of 4 cm. The chips are set on fire and periodically sprinkled with water. A carcass tray is placed over the shavings.

Advice! To cook hot smoked duck on an open fire, you can use a brazier, electric grill or barbecue.

Smoking duck with a smoke generator

Cold smoked duck is prepared with the help of a smoke generator. Parts of meat are salted in advance and soaked in brine, which consists of the following ingredients:

  • 1 tbsp. l. salt;
  • 1 sl. l. lemon juice;
  • Bay leaf;
  • 1 tsp red pepper.

After salting, the meat is placed in a wide saucepan with oppression placed on top. Parts must be infused for 2 days. It is recommended to use raw oak and cherry as chips.

Professional advice

The temperature in the smokehouse during hot smoking can reach up to 150 degrees. The cooking time of meat depends on it. The smokehouse should have a temperature of about 50 degrees and smoke.

For smoking, it is better to choose fresh meat, not frozen. After defrosting, it loses its taste, useful properties, and releases a lot of moisture.

Advice! If you dry the frozen duck well, you can smoke it.

Choice of wood chips

Fire chips add flavor and aroma to the dish. The wood of fruit trees is best suited for poultry: alder, apple, cherry.

The chips should be medium in size and moist. Small wood burns quickly and degrades the taste of the dish. Dry wood chips add bitterness to the meat.

It is better to choose quality wood for smoking that does not contain bark, rot or mold.

How much duck to smoke

The cooking time for smoked duck depends on how you smoke it. When using the hot method, the dish is cooked in 1 hour, but it has a shorter shelf life than when it is cold.

Cold smoking lasts from 12 hours to 3 days. Sometimes it is necessary to pre-boil meat with the addition of spices. This can take about 20 minutes.

Storage rules

You can store smoked duck meat in the refrigerator, freezer, in the cellar, in the fabric. The main condition for storing the product is compliance with the temperature regime.

There are several temperature modes of the refrigerator for storing smoked meats:

  • 12 hours you can store meat at temperatures up to 8 degrees;
  • 1 day at temperatures up to 5 degrees;
  • 2 days at temperatures up to 0 degrees.

Smoked meats are stored in the freezer for a longer time. During the year, you can keep meat at a temperature of 25 to 18 degrees.

Smoked products are also stored in well-ventilated attics by hanging them in fabric bags.


Hot smoked duck has a special aroma and taste. It can be stored for a long time at a certain temperature. Smoked meat is cooked in a smokehouse, in a frying pan or on an open fire.

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