How to make cognac from chacha

It is difficult to imagine a festive table without strong cognac. In addition, this drink can be prepared independently at home. In this article, we will see how to make homemade chacha cognac. If someone does not know, then chacha is an alcoholic drink made from pomace. They are usually left after squeezing out the juice for homemade wine. It is very convenient, because you can prepare two drinks at once - wine and wine alcohol. Thus, you can make the most of the raw materials and get a large amount of alcohol. Let's get down to business.

Making chacha

To make a good brandy, you need to properly prepare chacha. Suitable for this Isabella grapes, you can also take Kanich. The berries are crumpled well so that a large amount of juice stands out. Experienced winemakers advise against using juicers and other kitchen appliances for this. It will take a long time, but it will be worth it.

In this case, the juice is used to make wine, and the remaining pulp is set aside for chacha. You do not need to squeeze the juice out of the skins very carefully. Determining the desired consistency can be done in a fairly simple way. They take a certain amount of pulp in the hand and clench the fist well. If juice has seeped through your fingers, then the consistency is normal.

Important! Since the grapes gave half of the substances necessary for fermentation to juice, you will have to take twice as much pulp to make chacha.

For the preparation of chacha, special wine yeast is used. For five liters of squeeze, 2.5 g of the substance is taken. But it is better to follow the information on the packaging, as there are manufacturers who can make them in different ways. Braga should be infused for 2-4 weeks. If the odor trap no longer gurgles, then the fermentation process has stopped.

Next, distillation is started. This process is no different from the standard distillation of moonshine. It is advisable to divide the drink into a head and a tail. The first part of the drink, which makes up about 10% of the total volume, is the "head". The "body" and "tail" can be joined together to improve the palatability.

Making cognac from chacha

Cooked earlier chacha should infuse a little more and you can go directly to the process of making chacha. For this, the drink is kept for about a month in a cool room. The scheme for making cognac from chacha is practically no different from the standard version from vodka or moonshine.

Prepared oak bark is boiled and poured into chacha. Next, the drink is left in a cool place. This is probably the only difference in the cooking method. All other cognacs should be kept in a warm place. The period of infusion is completely up to you, the longer you can wait, the better.

Attention! Cognac should be infused for at least two weeks.

What, then, is the difference between chacha cognac and ordinary cognac? The point is precisely the basis of the drink. Grape chacha gives the drink a pleasant aroma. There is also a bitter aftertaste from grape seed. The cognac base is the highlight of this drink.

Characteristics of chacha cognac

Cognac is not just a strong and aromatic drink. It has many useful properties:

  • has a positive effect on digestion and also improves appetite. For this reason, it is often used as an aperitif;
  • has the ability to heal wounds inside the intestine;
  • helps to heal fungal diseases;

In this case, you should not abuse cognac.Alcohol has a positive effect on the body only with moderate use. You can drink no more than a glass per day. Overdose can only aggravate the disease. In addition, a large amount of alcohol has a negative effect on nails and hair.

Chacha brandy recipe

Next, consider a standard recipe for how to make cognac at home. All other cooking options have minimal differences.

To prepare alcohol on oak chips, you must prepare the following ingredients:

  • chacha - three liters of 45 ° drink;
  • oak pegs - from 20 to 30 pieces.

The components are connected to each other and move the drink to a cool place for infusion. Alcohol can be stored there from 2 weeks to several decades. If the chacha is too strong, it must be diluted with water. For this, alcohol is poured into the water, and not vice versa.

Attention! The peg oak must be at least 50 years old.

A felled oak should lie for several years under snow and rain. Only in this way will most of the tannins go away. Thanks to this, the drink will be very soft and pleasant to the taste. Fresh wood will give alcohol a sharp aftertaste, but at the same time, a pleasant rich aroma. Each peg should be approximately 5 cm long and up to 2 cm wide. It is not recommended to take oak bark for these purposes. It contains too much tannins.

Invigorating "Siberian" cognac

This drink gets its name from its warming properties. This invigorating liqueur is different from regular cognac. A great recipe for those who like to experiment.

So, first, let's prepare all the necessary ingredients:

  • chacha - three liters;
  • from 20 to 30 oak pegs;
  • milk (cow) - 200 ml;
  • a glass of pine nut shells and half a glass of the nuts themselves.

The cooking process is not complicated at all. The main thing is to add the ingredients in the correct sequence. To begin with, the prepared chacha is poured into a suitable glass container. Cow's milk is also added there. In this form, alcohol should stand for 24 hours.

A day later, the drink is drained from the sediment. A decoction of oak pegs is prepared separately. Then it is also poured into a container with chacha. Immediately after the broth, pine nuts and shells are added to the drink. After one month, the drink can be considered ready to drink. It is drained from the lees and bottled.

Important Tips

If you rarely make homemade chacha cognac or have never made it at all, then most likely you will be interested in the following facts:

  1. Regardless of the recipe for making chacha cognac, you can add quite a bit of orange zest to the drink. This will add light citrus notes to the drink. They will not be pronounced, but will leave a pleasant aftertaste. Such additives will only improve the taste of homemade cognac.
  2. Some people get heartburn from cognac. To avoid unpleasant sensations, you should use recipes with the addition of honey. This ingredient is able to relieve heartburn.
  3. Don't rush to drink cognac right away. At the beginning, you need to warm it up in your hands. Thus, you can further reveal the taste and aroma of the drink.
  4. Cognac, unlike vodka, does not need to be drunk in one gulp. This is a noble drink with excellent taste. They drink it in small sips without eating. In addition, a good cognac has no “perfume” at the outlet.
  5. If you eat cognac, then only fruit. There are also recipes for a drink with the addition of coffee. In this case, fruit will not work.
  6. You can add cherry pits to any cognac recipe. This will enhance the almond aftertaste and add a light cherry flavor.


In this article, we were able to consider a recipe for a chacha skate at home. We also learned the difference between chacha cognac and ordinary cognac. As you can see, it is not so difficult to prepare a noble drink at home. Even if you are not a professional winemaker, it will not be difficult to make a drink from chacha and oak pegs.It is very important to correctly make the chacha itself. The taste of the finished alcohol depends on the base. It is suitable for any feast, celebration, or just for an appetite. Under suitable conditions, the noble drink can be stored for tens of years.

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