How to dry boletus at home

Knowing how to dry boletus boletus, you can preserve their useful properties for a long time. After being dried, the product does not lose its aroma and unique taste. There are several ways to prepare it for the winter. Each of them deserves special attention.

Is it possible to dry boletus

Boletus is an edible mushroom that features a bright red cap and chunky leg. It is also popularly called the redhead. The diameter of the boletus cap can reach 20 mm. A distinctive feature of its structure is the edges pressed against the leg. Unlike other types of fruiting bodies, the surface is absolutely not sticky. Redhead grows in mixed or deciduous forests. It is harvested between June and September. The product has a high nutritional value and a pleasant taste.

The drying method is often used to prepare the mushroom for the winter. Most often, the product is brought to the desired state in a natural way. Sometimes an oven or dryer is used. In total, it takes three to seven hours to dry. In order for the air to evaporate evenly, the mushrooms are laid out in a certain way. Preparation of the product for drying is also essential.

This method of boletus harvesting has many advantages. The main one is the preservation of taste and characteristic aroma. In addition, the product is significantly reduced in size, making it easier to store for a long time.

Drying of several types of mushrooms at one time is practiced among mushroom pickers. But in this case, it is necessary to take into account which fruiting bodies are combined with each other. Boletus and boletus can be dried together without fear. They make an excellent assortment, suitable for making a delicious soup.

How to properly dry boletus at home

Dried boletus, the photo of which is posted below, is considered a universal product. A lot of different dishes are prepared on their basis. Used for frying, added to side dishes, sauces or soups. Dried boletus go well with meat and vegetables. They are in no way inferior to porcini mushrooms in their taste. Before cooking, it is advisable to soak dried boletus in milk.

Aspen boletus contains up to 90% water

The drying process of redheads is carried out in several stages. The product is pre-prepared by thoroughly rinsing and cleaning. It is necessary to get rid of wormy fruits. It is advisable to dry only young redheads, since the old ones absorb all the harmful substances. When collecting, avoid areas near roads and industrial sites. The bottom of the leg that is in contact with the ground must be cut off. The next step is to grind the fruiting bodies into small slices. The smaller their size, the easier the drying process will be. Make sure that all slices are the same size. This will allow them to dry evenly.

Attention! You do not need to soak redheads before drying. This will slow down the evaporation process.

How to dry boletus in the oven

To dry the boletus for the winter, you can use the oven. In this case, it is better not to use whole mushrooms.The most suitable option is to grind the mushrooms until they are noodles. For this, the fruiting body is divided into two parts. Then each of them is cut into longitudinal strips. The drying process is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  1. Cover the baking sheet with parchment. The mushrooms are placed on it in one thin layer, making sure that the slices do not touch each other too much.
  2. Preheat the oven to 55 ° C. The baking sheet is placed inside, while leaving the oven door open.
  3. After the mushroom slices are smaller, the temperature is raised to 70 ° C.
  4. The baking sheet is periodically removed from the oven to mix the product.
  5. The complete readiness of the redheads is evidenced by the absence of moisture when pressing on the fruit body. In this case, the drying is stopped.

In total, the mushrooms are dried in the oven for 3-4 hours

How to dry boletus in an electric dryer

A specialized dryer will help to properly dry boletus mushrooms. It is a device in which vegetables, berries, fruits or mushrooms are spread in layers. Aspen boletuses are laid in it, having previously cut into thin plates. Stages of the procedure:

  1. Plates of redheads are laid out on trays of an electric dryer. It is advisable to use no more than 2-3 pieces. In this case, the mushrooms will dry out faster.
  2. The device is programmed for a temperature of 60 ° C.
  3. If drying is carried out on a conventional dryer, the metal sieves on which the fruit bodies lie must be periodically changed.
  4. Drying times can vary from two to six hours.

The finer the aspen mushrooms are cut, the better they will be assimilated by the body in finished form.

Advice! Instead of an electric dryer, you can use an airfryer to dry mushrooms.

Harvesting mushrooms in the microwave

Using a microwave to dry boletus is not popular. This is due to the small size of the device. The advantages include short cooking times. This option is suitable for those cases when it is necessary to dry a small amount of fruit bodies.

Drying process:

  1. The pre-cut mushrooms are laid out on a grid in the microwave. A pallet must be placed below.
  2. The device is put on a power of 100 W for 20 minutes.
  3. After the end of each cycle, you must open the door to get rid of excess moisture. Keep it open for at least 10 minutes.
  4. The liquid should be removed from the pallet.

Before drying, mushrooms must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt.

How to air dry boletus

The simplest and most common option for drying mushrooms is to place them outdoors. No additional equipment is required for this. The advantages of the method include a low risk of mold formation due to access to oxygen and lack of moisture. In addition, there is no need to constantly monitor the drying process.

Drying on a thread

To harvest redheads in a suspended state, you need a long, strong thread. It is preliminarily threaded into a sharp needle. The drying time depends on the placement of the mushrooms and their size. On average, it ranges from two to seven days.

Drying steps:

  1. Boletus boletuses are thoroughly washed and cut into small slices. You can leave them intact, but in this case it is better to use small fruits.
  2. Mushrooms are strung on a thread with a needle. It is necessary to ensure that they do not touch each other. The ends of the thread must be fixed to each other.
  3. The mushroom necklace is hung in a ventilated room or outdoors. To protect it from insects, the mushrooms are covered with sterile gauze on top.
  4. At night, the fruits must be brought into the room.

On average, in the open air, fruiting bodies are dried for two days.

Drying boletus on paper

The recipe for dried boletus on paper is practiced no less than the previous one. It is most relevant for the warm season.This is due to the need for sunlight and fresh air. Drying is performed according to the following algorithm:

  1. The boletus, washed and cleared of forest debris, are laid out on a soft natural cloth or paper.
  2. The redheads are placed directly under the sun's rays. The optimum drying time is two days. At night, aspen mushrooms are removed indoors. Do the same in rainy weather.
  3. The redheads must be turned over every two hours. After complete drying, they are removed in a container for storage.

A broth made on the basis of dried mushrooms is considered more caloric than meat

How to keep dried boletus boletus for the winter

You can learn how to properly dry boletus at home from the video posted at the end of the article. This process is not difficult. Attention must be paid not only to him, but also to the preservation of mushrooms for the winter. The main conditions for long-term storage are the absence of dampness, since mold is considered a terrible enemy of the product. The best preservation is ensured by bags made of natural fabric and glass jars. Sometimes, after drying, the product is stored in vacuum bags or plastic containers. Dried mushrooms can only be kept in the refrigerator for a short time. This is due to the high degree of humidity in it.

Some mushroom pickers prefer to roll the mushrooms into metal lid jars after drying using standard preservation methods. The main advantage is the reduced risk of mold formation. It is extremely important to ensure that the product is completely dry during harvesting. If the mushrooms are harvested for the winter correctly, they retain their useful qualities for up to three years. Otherwise, the boletus will deteriorate immediately after drying.

The appearance of larvae and foreign smell in the product indicates the need for its disposal. If, due to severe drying, the boletus begins to crumble, they can be crushed into powder. To do this, use a coffee grinder or blender. In this form, redheads are added to various dishes to obtain a characteristic aroma and pronounced taste properties. When storing redheads in a suspended state on a string, do not place them in close proximity to onions, garlic and other odorous products. The back shelves of the cabinets and the attic are used as storage space.

Important! Boletus can be dried for the winter together with other types of mushrooms.


Drying boletus is a snap. It is enough to follow the recommendations of specialists and use only high-quality raw materials. The main role in this process is played by the drying temperature and approach to the storage of the finished product.

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