Mushroom tea kvass at home: benefits and harms, recipes

Medusomycete (Medusomyces Gisev) is a kombucha, which is a jelly-like substance (zoogley), which is formed from the symbiosis of acetic acid bacteria and yeast fungi. It can exist and grow in size only in a certain environment. For development, ascorbic acid is needed, and for its synthesis, the tannins contained in tea. It will not work to make kvass from kombucha tonic and healthy without sugar and tea.

The color of the kombucha is beige or light brown, outwardly it resembles a jellyfish

Why is kvass from kombucha useful?

In the 70s of the XX century, kvass from kombucha was quite popular in Russia. Many considered it a panacea for all diseases, others, due to the unaesthetic appearance of the jellyfish, were wary. The popularity declined during the Great Patriotic War, when sugar was in short supply. For a long time, the tea drink was not used. But the fashion for natural products has revived tradition. Kvass is not only a delicious sweet and sour drink, it has undeniable beneficial qualities.

The upper part of the medusomycete is smooth and glossy, the lower part with filamentary processes. In this part, all chemical processes take place, due to which the drink contains vitamins and elements necessary for the body. Jellyfish, a natural antibiotic, is valuable.

Kvass from kombucha has the following beneficial properties:

  1. Improves the condition of the intestines by suppressing pathogenic microflora.
  2. Normalizes the production of gastric secretions, relieves acidity.
  3. Helps relieve constipation and diarrhea.
  4. Normalizes and accelerates metabolic processes.
  5. The vitamin composition strengthens the body's resistance to infections.
  6. Kvass is recommended for stones in the bladder or kidneys.
  7. Reduces "bad" cholesterol in the blood, prevents the development of thrombosis.
  8. Reduces pain syndrome in neurological pathologies of the brain.
  9. Relieves insomnia.
  10. Reduces blood pressure.
Important! The use of kvass does not cause side effects, the list of contraindications for the product is small.

Where can I get kombucha for kvass

Kombucha cultivation in European, Asian countries and America has been put on stream. Medusomycetes can be in a state of biological dormancy for a long time, after entering a favorable environment, it begins to grow. You can buy kombucha for kvass from friends or relatives, on selling Internet resources, through advertisements in the newspaper. There should be no problems with the purchase. Then it remains to grow the mushroom on its own from the source material.

How to make kvass from kombucha

The process of making kvass from kombucha at home is quite simple. Food to bookmark is always at hand in every kitchen. If the drink does not have a tonic, but a targeted therapeutic purpose, add pharmaceutical herbs. The material and container are preliminarily prepared, in the future they simply follow the technology.

Kombucha drink is characterized by an amber color

Selection and preparation of ingredients

Kvass from kombucha is prepared at home using dry tea and sugar.There will be no problem with these products. But the medusomycete itself requires preliminary preparation:

  1. For reproduction, the top layer is completely separated from the zooglea. You cannot take a piece, since there is a risk that the kombucha will disappear.
  2. Rinse well and put on the bottom of a glass jar. Metal containers for kvass are not used, because in the process of oxidation, the taste and chemical composition of the drink may not change for the better.
  3. If the medusomycete purchased via the Internet is in a dried form, before making kvass, it is poured with weak tea leaves so that the liquid completely covers it.
  4. Leave for several days until the mass increases, only then use it to prepare a drink.
Advice! If the layer of the kombucha is thin, it is better to take a glass jar with a smaller capacity.

Kombucha gains a standard weight in about 30 days, after which the can can be replaced with a larger one.

How to brew mushroom kvass correctly

For cooking, take a clean glass container. You will have to work with boiling water, so you must follow safety rules. Following actions:

  1. Sugar is poured at the bottom, its amount depends on the recipe.
  2. Tea is poured on top.
  3. Pour about 250 ml with boiling water, pour the liquid in the center so that it does not come into contact with the edges.
  4. Then the walls of the container are heated in a circular motion, moving the components in the process.
  5. Fill the container and leave to cool.
Important! You cannot use warm liquid, it must be at room temperature.

They take out the kombucha, wash it, if there are dark areas, they are removed, for the medusomycete it is not scary, it will quickly recover. If the dark spots are not cut out, the finished beverage will taste mildewy. When the base has cooled, stir it well so that no crystals remain. Sugar particles, falling on kombucha, leave dark spots.

Then the liquid is filtered and the kombucha is placed on top. Cover with clean gauze or napkin. You cannot use nylon or metal covers, they block the access of oxygen. To prevent insects from getting into the jar, a cloth shelter is needed.

Kvass recipes from kvass mushroom

You can make kvass from kombucha from black or green tea.

Kombucha will take about 60 days to grow

In the process of activity, jellyfish does not absorb the chemical composition and tea smell, it just uses tannins. Therefore, they take the classic version or with flavored ingredients. To enhance the therapeutic effect, medicinal herbs are added in accordance with the disease.

On black tea

The brewing technology does not depend on the type of tea. You can make a drink at a new gas station or mix with an old one. The second case is relevant with insufficient development of the medusomycete. If you put more sugar than in the Kombucha kvass recipe, you will have to wait longer, but this will not do any harm. If less, it will stop growing, and the drink will turn out sour. With tea, the effect is just the opposite. For 1 liter of water, 45 g of sugar and 1 tbsp. l. tea.

On green tea

You can make tea kvass not only with black tea. The base of the green variety turns out to be light, but this is not an indicator of strength. The set of trace elements in green tea is more diverse than that of black tea. Green reduces blood pressure, in combination with kombucha, the effect is enhanced, so they put the ingredient strictly according to the recipe:

  • water - 3 l;
  • green variety - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • sugar - 11 tbsp. l.

On herbs

The dressing will infuse more time if medicinal herb is added to the composition. It can be one kind or a collection. The plants are used according to the dosage on the package. If you harvest it yourself, take the same amount with tea, pre-grind the raw material. \

You can make kvass from kombucha according to the following recipe:

  • water - 3 l;
  • tea - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • grass - 2 tbsp. l;
  • sugar - 9 tbsp. l.

The base is made with the addition of all components, let it brew for 6-8 hours. Then filtered.The liquid is ready for making kvass.

Terms and rules for insisting

Kombucha grows within 2 months, at which time the liquid is not used for consumption. It is placed in another container, and a fresh base is made. A full-fledged medusomycete will give an aged drink in 4-7 days, the speed of the process depends on the temperature regime.

The optimum temperature for development is 23-25 0C, if the indicator is lower, the chemical processes slow down, it will take more time to readiness. They put the jar in a lighted place.

How to drink homemade mushroom kvass

The mode of taking homemade tea kvass depends on the composition. The classic version is drunk before or after meals, as long as the daily intake does not exceed 1 liter. If a drink with the inclusion of medicinal herbs, drink 150 ml in 3 doses before meals.

Limitations and contraindications

The benefits of kvass from kombucha for the body are beyond doubt, the composition does not bring harm, if you do not exceed the daily norm. The drink is contraindicated:

  • people with diabetes, because sugar is present in the composition;
  • with exacerbation of chronic gastritis due to acid content;
  • it is undesirable to give to young children;
  • women during lactation.

You can not use a drink with a repulsive smell, it is considered overripe, the therapeutic effect of such a composition is low, but the harm can be enormous.


It is not difficult to make kvass from kombucha, it does not require a lot of time and material costs. You can buy jellyfish in the retail network, borrow from friends or grow it yourself. Zooglea remains dry for a long time, after placing it in the necessary environment, it quickly resumes growth.

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