Heating the greenhouse with a candle in spring

Every gardener wants to get an early harvest, but in regions with an unstable climate, spring frosts recede by mid-May. Therefore, to get fresh herbs, radishes and early tomatoes with cucumbers, craftsmen have found a simple and cheap way. Heating a greenhouse with candles is an effective method used by many gardeners.

The advantages of heating a greenhouse with a candle

The candle has been a source of light since ancient times, but thanks to the Californian inventor and the inventions of gardeners, the candle began to be used as a heater for greenhouses and living quarters.

A greenhouse candle heater has several advantages:

  • simple and cheap materials for manufacturing;
  • you can use the tools at hand;
  • original appearance, in the future you can use it as a decoration;
  • making with your own hands.
Important! The candle radiator, invented by a Californian scientist, collects soot and soot.

Very often, gardeners use electrical appliances to heat the greenhouse. But candle equipment is in no way inferior to air heaters and heaters. This is explained by:

  1. A wax candle weighing 120 g emits about 1.1-2 mJ.
  2. For an hour - 55-150 kJ.

The power of the mini radiator is between 15 and 42 watts.

How this method works

The candle heating consists of several ceramic pots of different diameters. Some gather in a nesting doll, others put on a metal axle on which nuts and washers are attached. Such a lampshade above the candles makes it possible to capture, accumulate and give off heat to the room. Thanks to such a structure, the flame of a candle ignites the rod and metal nuts, then the ceramics is heated, and the heat spreads through the greenhouse.

Important! Ceramic pots were not chosen in vain, as this material perfectly accumulates heat, thereby heating the air.

With a slight decrease in temperature to - 1 ° C, 4 paraffin candles must be used to insulate a 6x3 cm greenhouse. In a short time, the room will warm up to + 5-8 ° C. To heat a larger greenhouse, it is necessary to install several candle heaters.

Preparing containers and candles

Candle heating is an easy way to heat your greenhouse in spring with a candle. It can be made by hand in a short time. To do this, you need to prepare the following materials:

  • ceramic or clay pots of different diameters - 3 pcs.;
  • threaded metal rod;
  • nut - 8 pcs.;
  • washer - 20 pcs.;
  • ceramic stand;
  • heat-resistant support under the hood.

Making candle heating for a greenhouse, step by step instructions:

  1. A hole is made in the largest pot and an axle is inserted. The outside of the pot is secured with a nut, the inside is secured with several washers.
  2. Stringed 2 pot, which is also fastened with nuts and washers.
  3. Put on the third one and fix it with the rest of the metal parts.
  4. Any heat-resistant material of suitable size can serve as a support for the hood.
  5. The required number of candles and a heat-resistant support are installed on the pallet, where the cap is put on.
Important! The cap is placed strictly under the candles, so that the flame heats the metal rod.

If there are no ceramic or clay pots at hand, then heating can be made from cans of different sizes or from containers for bulk products. Manufacturing technology is the same as described above.

The metal cap will act as protection against open flames and will accumulate heat. The gaps between the cans will allow hot air to circulate, and the heated metal walls will release warm air. By placing several such structures in a greenhouse, you can save plants on a cold night.

To save money, time and effort, gardeners create new ways to insulate the greenhouse in order to use it rationally and get an early harvest. The simplest and most effective heating method is to use a candle, a tin can, and a bucket. The larger the candle and the jar are, the longer the warm air will flow into the greenhouse. Preparation method:

  1. Several holes are made in the bucket, with a diameter of the thumb. This is necessary to circulate the air around the greenhouse to distribute the temperature and humidity of the air.
  2. A jar with a candle is placed in the bucket.
  3. Vegetable oil is poured into the jar to the brim and the candle wick is set on fire.

To maximize the temperature, put several cans of candles in the bucket or install several structures.

Important! If no holes are made in the bucket, then the candle will go out, since carbon dioxide is released during combustion, which displaces oxygen.

How to heat a greenhouse with candles

The candle heater is suitable for small greenhouses. This design will not only save electricity or alternative heating fuels, but will also fill the greenhouse with the heat it needs.

Having installed a ceramic heater in a greenhouse, it must be remembered that heat will begin to flow in full only after 3-4 hours. During this time, moisture will evaporate from the pots. To heat the greenhouse to + 15-20 ° C, it is better to make several structures and install them in different corners of the greenhouse.

Important! After use, the ceramic candle equipment is placed in a plastic bag and placed in a dry place so that the ceramic does not accumulate moisture.

How often do you need to change the candles

When using this method of heating the greenhouse, it is necessary to use paraffin candles. On average, 1 candle burns for about 5 days, and then, to maintain the air temperature, they must be replaced in a timely manner, and the oil must be added. If you put 1 thick candle in the structure, then it will be enough for 6-8 cold days to heat the greenhouse.


Heating the greenhouse with candles is a simple, effective and economical way. To make a structure, you will need materials at hand, time and a little patience. But these works will not be in vain, since such heating will allow growing greens, seedlings and getting an early harvest in the spring.

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