Mobile bath with shower in the country

Having a bath in the country, you do not always want to build a shower additionally. It seems that there is already one bathing facility, but the bath has to be heated, and there is no desire to wait for a long time. After the garden, I want to quickly wash myself, and it is easier to do it in the shower. The solution to the problem is two-in-one construction. A built-in bath with a shower in the country house will allow you to take quick water procedures and take a long steam on cold evenings.

Tips for arranging a shower inside a bath

There are many options for arranging a shower inside a bath. There are no special requirements here, however, important factors are taken into account, such as: the purpose of the shower, the method of supplying and heating the water. Let's say a shower is needed only for a cooling procedure after visiting a steam room. Then it is easier to attach a wooden bucket to the wall and organize a waterfall. You can fill in water manually or bring a water pipe with a tap. Heating for the waterfall is not required, because this is what a contrast shower is designed for.

Lovers of comfort in the bath install a shower with hydromassage jets. For such a system, you will have to take care of heating the water and creating pressure using a pump.

The simplest solution is a traditional shower with a tub and a watering can. It can be used always, even when the sauna is not heated.

Regardless of the shower design, you need to find a place to install it. This is usually designed before the start of the construction of the bath. The shower does not require a lot of space. It can be organized in the dressing room, allocating an area of ​​1.2x1.5 m. If the bath has already been built, the shower is installed in the washing compartment. In general, every corner of the building is suitable for arranging a shower compartment. Another thing is that the interior may suffer, and some inconvenience will be created, but this issue is up to the owner to decide.

Important! A shower can be organized in any part of the bath, but not inside the steam room.

Outdoor shower inside the bath

Arriving at the dacha, a person first goes to the garden to work, and in the evening he needs to wash immediately. It is unwise to heat the bathhouse for a long time and it is unwise after each excavation. A quick wash is organized in a summer shower. In order not to install a separate booth, the bathing compartment is equipped inside the bath. A plastic tank is installed on the roof for water. A branch pipe is taken away from it, passed through a hole in the roof of the bath, a tap with a watering can is screwed on and Summer shower ready.

The tank is filled with water from a well with a pump or buckets. To fill the water in any way, you will have to provide a ladder near the bath.

The comfort of a mobile bath

Now in large summer cottages it has become fashionable to acquire a mobile bath. It is especially convenient if there is a large pond and beautiful nature nearby. In terms of its functionality, a mobile bath is no different from a traditional building, only it is not built on a foundation, but, for example, on a car trailer. A simple example, a block container is used under the bath. Inside, they equip a steam room, shower, changing room and other amenities.

With a mobile bath, it is convenient to go on vacation to the river at any time of the year. If desired, the house can be installed permanently and used in the country.

The video tells about the device of the mobile bath:

An easy-to-transport mobile bath can be purchased from a factory. They call her a mobiba. The structure consists of a tent, a collapsible frame and a stainless steel wood-burning stove. The bath is quickly assembled and disassembled. It is easy to transport it in the trunk of a car. The tent is made of polyester. The awning is able to keep warm inside the bath in case of frost to -20aboutFROM.

The video provides an overview of the Mobiba MB-12 model:

Year-round use of the shower inside the bath

If the summer cottage is not rarely visited, but residential, then the bath and shower are used all year round. They approach the arrangement of the washing place thoroughly. With the bath, everything is clear. The water is heated on the stove, and the steam room works. And here is how to wash in the shower, if there is no desire to heat the whole bath strongly. Here you will have to worry about separate heating and water supply, as well as organize a full-fledged drainage system. Each of these points should be considered separately.

Water supply to the shower

With the onset of cold weather, water for the shower cannot be supplied from the summer version of the tank installed on the roof of the bath. With the first frosts, the liquid will simply freeze inside the container and pipe. For year-round use of the shower, the tank is installed in the bathhouse under the ceiling near the stove. You can fill it with water manually with buckets.

If there is no place for the tank inside the bath, organize a flowing water supply. Not every summer resident can boast of the presence of a water supply system, therefore, most often they use their own well. To create pressure in the shower, you will need to install a pump.

To create pressure in the water supply system for supplying water to the shower in the country, one of three types of pumps is used:

  • submersible pump is able to lift a high column of water from a deep well with a small casing diameter;
  • a submersible pump is used to draw water from shallow reservoirs;
  • A surface type pump is installed on the ground near the well and is capable of creating a water column with a maximum height of 7 m.
Advice! To provide a bath with a shower with water, a surface pump is the best option.

The water supplied for the shower from the reservoir and other storages is purified using coarse and fine filters.

Heated shower water

With the onset of cold weather, without hot water in the shower, you cannot swim. There are several options for heating it:

  • A storage tank with water is installed inside the bath above the stove, and a smoke-tube metal pipe is passed through it. When burning firewood, the water will heat up, and it will be warm inside the bath. A more complex scheme is shown in the photo. A heater tank is built into the stove. The heated water from the combustion of firewood rises through the pipe into the upper storage tank. The system works on the principle of home heating.
  • If a gas main runs next to the dacha, water for a shower can be heated using a gas water heater. Here, the option of bathing immediately under running hot water is appropriate, or it is pumped into the tank for further analysis. The first option is more convenient because there is no need to install a drive inside the bath.
  • Heating water for a shower with electricity is organized using an electric boiler. The water is heated inside the storage tank from the heating element. Temperature control is monitored by automation. Another way to heat water for a shower can be organized using an instantaneous water heater. It does not require storage capacity. Water heats up by passing through a powerful heater.

Using electric shower heaters can be dangerous due to the possibility of electric shock. It is important to ensure a reliable grounding and connect the devices correctly.

Shower drain

To drain water from the bath, a pit is provided under the floor. It is usually concreted or installed in a sealed container. Dirty water enters the pit through the slots of the ladder, and from it is already directed through the pipeline to the sewer or drainage pit.

The water from the shower should be sent to the same pit. The best option is to pour the concrete floor in the shower area and lay out the tiles. At the lowest point of the floor, a funnel is installed with a pipe going to the pit. From above, the funnel is covered with a decorative mesh. In the shower, anything can fall on the floor, such as soap or a washcloth. The mesh on the drain hole will prevent the drain from clogging.

In the video, a shower organized inside the bath:


The shower installed inside the bath is not a luxury item. This is done by many household summer residents, saving money and space in a small area for installing a separate shower stall.

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