Diy tire well for the garden: a step-by-step guide + photo

Often a lack of sewage becomes a problem at a summer cottage. You can simply and effectively solve this problem by equipping a septic tank. And they use the most unexpected materials for it. An example of such an option is a well made of tires with your own hands.

Pros and cons of tire wells

In fact, tires are used for the construction of wells of various types, however, sewer devices are the most popular. The reason for this is the characteristics of the tires and the properties of the rubber itself.

  1. Low cost is the most important factor when choosing a material. To equip a well, old worn tires are needed, and these can be purchased at a tire workshop at a low price, asked from friends or neighbors, or found on the street.
  2. The average service life of a well made of tires is 15–20 years, which is quite a lot. The decorative option will last even longer.
  3. With swelling or moderate movements of the soil, the well of the wheels is not damaged with your own hands, since the elasticity of the material allows the latter to tolerate small deformations without loss of quality. However, with strong movements, the tightness of the structure is broken. Therefore, it should be checked twice a year and the seams should be sealed.
  4. A construction of tires of any kind is done by hand. This reduces the cost of equipping a summer cottage. In addition, the tires have the same size and shape, which makes it easy to calculate the required amount, and to put it correctly.

Of course, this kind of structure also has disadvantages.

  1. It is impossible to repair such a septic tank or drainage; it is necessary to completely replace the structure.
  2. Rubber is exposed to aggressive environments. Over time, the material dissolves and a not very pleasant rubber smell appears.
  3. It is possible to equip decks from tires only in those cases when the depth of the groundwater is at least 5 m.
Important! The depth of the mine is usually 2.5–3 m. This is enough for a septic tank or a well with technical water as an emergency reserve.

The depth of a real well with drinking water reaches 9 m. In this case, tires can also be used, but the structure should be strengthened to prevent the walls from collapsing.

Types of tire wells

You can build a variety of structures for the drainage and storage of water from tires with your own hands.

A well made of tires for a summer residence - its mine depth does not exceed 9 m, although more often it reaches 3 m. However, it is quite suitable for watering a garden or vegetable garden, for bathing or washing dishes. Do-it-yourself construction of a well from tires takes a minimum of time. However, it is very important here to thoroughly wash and treat the tires so that the water remains clean.

Important! Before constructing a tire well, it is necessary to carry out geological exploration to establish the depth of the groundwater and the quality of the liquid. Only after receiving the results of the analysis, you can start work.

Sewer septic tank. An analogue of a cesspool, in which drains are accumulated, and then they are pumped out. The option with tires will cost significantly less than a concrete structure, although it is inferior to it in terms of durability. But the correct and uniform shape of the tires as constituent elements greatly facilitates the installation.Moreover, from the tires, you can collect the entire sewer system serving the summer cottage - its outer part.

Drainage - a device for draining ground and storm water into the sewer. Accommodation depends on the nature of the suburban area. Thus, it is possible to avoid flooding of a residential building or outbuildings.

Important! In low-lying areas, a tire drain is a must.

A decorative well made of tires is an imitation of a real structure, filled with earth. In fact, this is the shape of a flower garden made of tires, but with additional decorative elements like supports, with imitation of a shaft and a canopy.

The construction of any option from tires takes much less time than the construction of a well from concrete rings or laying out with bricks. In addition, even with very large tires, no heavy machinery is required.

How to make a wheel well for a garden

A well of tires for a garden with their own hands is built according to the same scheme:

  • digging a trench of appropriate depth;
  • preparation - laying sand, crushed stone, possibly wall treatment;
  • laying of tires and their processing;
  • finishing activities.

The category of the last operations includes a variety of actions: the construction of a cover, for example, an incoming pipe, laying the walls with rubble, and the like.

Important! A decorative well made of tires is made according to a different principle, since it is a flower bed.

DIY decorative well of tires

This kind of structure can serve as a fun element of a playground or garden. Making a decorative well out of wheels is a snap. This requires 3–7 tires of the same size, wooden supports, planks and roofing material for the well shed, paint and tools.

The procedure is as follows.

  1. At stage 1, you need to determine exactly how to install the supports: inside the car tire, outside or directly in the tires. Then measure the diameter of the tire or simply lay it on the ground and outline the contour. Along this line, make a groove up to 10 cm deep. Mark the places where the supports are installed, dig holes of 50 cm for them. If the supports are installed in the tires, then holes for the racks are pre-cut out of them.
  2. A stack of tires is installed in the hole. The slots, if any, must match.
  3. Through the holes or nearby, they install supports in the pits, cover them with earth and tamp them, you can fill them with concrete. Several large stones or gravel are laid on the bottom to give stability to the structure. For a canopy, a frame is assembled from a bar, and then sheathed with boards or roofing material - tiles, slate, ondulin. In this capacity, you can use the same tires, or rather, their fragments.
  4. The tire well looks completely unsightly. In order for a decorative well on a personal plot of tires to really become attractive, it is painted with a special rubber paint. Most often, tires are painted so that they conditionally, but reproduce brickwork of any color. You can find other options, for example, the tire body is covered with a layer of decorative plaster.

You can fill the well with earth and plant flowers or even berries, like strawberries, in it. Sometimes the structure is used as a summer playground for indoor plants: they take out the pots and place them on a closed hatch. You can hang a pot of flowers on a well "shaft" - this also looks attractive.

Diy sewer well from tires

In order for a sewer well from tires to serve for a long time and does not require replacement every 3 years, it is necessary to choose the right place for it, choose the optimal design and carefully seal it when performing work.

There are several main types of septic tanks.

  1. A well with a filtering system has the simplest device. Crushed stone is laid at the bottom of the pit, the walls are formed by tires. Only water gets into the ground from here, and rubble holds solid particles.Such a well can only be used to drain relatively clean water: from a washbasin, bathroom. Drains with fecal masses cannot be dumped here.
  2. The variant with a settling tank and a filtering well involves the construction of two shafts, lined with tires. First, the effluent enters the settling tank, where hard and heavy masses settle to the bottom. Then, through a communicating pipe, liquid and light waste flows over a well with a filter system. Here, a layer of sand and gravel serves as a filter, and clean water again enters the ground.

It is more difficult to build a system with your own hands, but this option is much more effective. Pumping down should be done much less frequently, since the waste is filtered twice.

A well with a filter and a drain pipe is not the best one. It is distinguished from the first design only by a drainage pipe through which purified water comes out of the septic tank. Heavy fractions settle on a layer of sand and gravel. The system breaks down rather quickly, so it is rare.

A well from old tires is built with their own hands according to the following scheme.

  1. Dig a trench of the appropriate diameter - 20 cm more from the tires. The size of the septic tank is determined by the volume of the intended wastewater and their nature. If an option is being built with a sump, they dig 2 pits and a ditch between them at a certain angle, since the drains from the sump into the septic tank must go by gravity.
  2. At the bottom of the pit, a layer of sand of 20 cm is tamped, and then a layer of crushed stone of 40 cm. In tires, it is necessary to increase the inner diameter. Having retreated 5 cm from the protector, the ring is cut out. The knife is greased with oil or soap to make it easier to do it yourself. The reinforcing fibers are nibbled with nippers. Billets are treated with bitumen varnish to increase their resistance to aggressive environments.
  3. The first tire is placed on the bottom. On 4 sides of the tire, wooden bars are driven in with a length equal to the height of the well. This prevents tire drift. When laying between the bars and tires, pieces of rubber are additionally laid. The following items are stacked. They are fastened together with rubber glue.
  4. A trench is dug from the house to the septic tank for laying the sewer pipe. They lead her into a well of tires in the upper third. Installation is carried out at an angle, since the drains go into the septic tank by gravity.
  5. The cavity between the tires and the earthen wall is covered with rubble - it serves as a waterproof coating. The use of cement or clay is allowed, but it is more difficult to deal with these materials with your own hands.
  6. If a sump and a well are being built, then a plastic pipe is laid between them. For her, a hole is cut in the tires at the desired level. The attachment point is sealed.
  7. At the last stage, a hatch for a well from tires or a wooden canopy is built.
Important! The septic tank is placed in a summer cottage with the mandatory fulfillment of all rules for sanitary hygiene.

Diy drainage well from tires

The drainage system is equipped in summer or early autumn, when the groundwater level is minimal. Wiring should be planned in the spring, in order to be able to observe how and where the waters come out and where rain runoffs accumulate.

An indispensable element of such a system is a drainage well made of car tires. Construction is carried out according to the same scheme, but there are some peculiarities.

  1. The depth of the tire drainage well is calculated taking into account the terrain. It is desirable that the value is 1.5–2 m in order to exclude freezing. The indicator is equal to the diameter of the tire plus 30 cm around the perimeter. A hole of just such dimensions is being dug. The center line of the drain should enter the receiver at the top third.
  2. At the bottom of the pit, 20 cm of sand, several large stones are tamped to prevent erosion of the layer, and then crushed stone and fine gravel 40 cm thick. The tires are laid alternately on top of each other, cement is used for fastening. In the first laid tire, slots are preliminarily made to drain the drain to the backfill.In the uppermost bus or in 2, a hole is made for the sewer pipe.
  3. The cavity between the wall of the mine and the tires is covered with crushed stone and pieces of polystyrene - it is important to insulate the drainage well. Pour the layer with clay or cement mortar.
  4. A metal grate is used as a hatch. You can buy ready-made or weld from rods with your own hands.

A tire drainage well serves almost longer than other options. Water does not bloom here, mold or mucus does not appear on the rubber walls. Usually, the smell of rubber is leveled by a layer of rubble.

Useful Tips

The arrangement and operation of wells of various types requires the implementation of some recommendations. This greatly facilitates the work and extends the service life.

  1. It is important to fulfill all the requirements for the placement of the well. Drainage is located at the lowest point of the site in order to remove water. The septic tank is placed at a certain distance from the house, outbuildings, garden.
  2. The sewer system should be placed upwind to avoid unpleasant odors.
  3. In order not to worry about overcrowding the sewer, you need to choose the largest possible diameter tires. As a rule, a construction of 5–7 tires serves a family of 3 people permanently residing in the country.
  4. In the sewer well from the tires, you can remove not only sewage from the house, but also communications from a summer shower or washbasin.
  5. A well for water from tires should be equipped with a pump. This makes it easier to water your garden and garden.
  6. It is recommended to fasten the tires together with plastic clamps. They are not afraid of moisture and provide a secure fit.
  7. If a tire hatch is installed, an inspection hole must be made in it.
  8. A well made of tires can be wrapped with polyethylene or roofing felt. The material ensures complete tightness: the risk of untreated water entering the ground is minimal.
  9. It is worth planting some kind of moisture-loving tree near the well - alder, willow, rakita. The roots of the plant absorb excess moisture.

Photo of wells from tires for the garden

Utilitarian structures - a sewer or drainage well, are outwardly unsightly and are usually masked. The design of a decorative well made of tires with your own hands can be very diverse.


Even a novice master can build a well from tires with his own hands. Of course, tires cannot be called a universal material. However, the service life of a drainage, sewer or resource well reaches 15–20 years, which is quite a lot. In case of severe damage, the structure cannot be repaired; it is completely replaced.

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