Drawing of a winter chicken coop for 5 chickens

If you want to get homemade eggs, it is not necessary to build a large barn and keep a herd of chickens. You can follow a simple path. You just need to get five good hens, and without a rooster. To keep the bird, you will have to build chicken coop for 5 chickens, but its design is so simple that any summer resident can handle the manufacture.

The device, dimensions and layout of a poultry house for five hens

Before building a chicken coop, you will need to draw a drawing of the house. To do this, you need to have at least a rough idea of ​​the design of a poultry house for five chickens. Let's immediately determine which the optimal size of such a chicken coop... For five chickens, a small house is needed, inside which it will be warm even in winter. There are veterinary standards according to which 1 m2 you can keep up to three hens. Now it is easy to calculate that a house with an area of ​​2 m is enough for five chickens.2... Next, you can think about how best to draw a drawing. Here you can dwell on only two options for a mini poultry house: 1x2 m or 1.5x1.5 m.

In the summer, the chickens in the house will only lay and sleep, and spend the rest of the time outside. To prevent the bird from getting into the garden, you need to attach a walk to the poultry house. The construction of the fence is simple. It is enough just to make a frame from the posts and pull a steel mesh over them. The chickens need a spacious walk. It is optimal if its dimensions are twice the area of ​​the chicken coop. An example of a diagram of a poultry house with dimensions can be seen in the photo.

Advice! If the territory of the yard does not allow you to make a good walk, you will have to finalize the drawing of the chicken coop. In such a situation, it is good to give preference to a two-story poultry house. That is, the house is installed on racks on the second floor, and a walk is organized under it with a net.

The construction of a chicken coop is not limited to just one house making. The poultry house must be properly placed on its territory. It is optimal to choose a slightly shaded area that is not blown by the winds. To keep it dry inside the chicken coop, it is installed on a hill. If the landscape does not allow you to choose such a place, you will have to make an artificial embankment.

Examples of mini chicken coops in the photo

Despite the fact that the dimensions of the chicken coop are small, it cannot be built from scrap materials. If you plan to keep chickens year-round, then you need to build a winter house with insulated walls, floor and ceiling. The use of quality building materials will allow you to assemble a beautiful house, which will become part of the design of the site.

As a visual aid, we made a selection of photos. In the first picture, we suggest looking at the simplest drawing of a mini poultry house, and, further, options for walking houses.

A feature of any mini chicken coop is its mobility. If necessary, the house can be moved to any place, of course, if it is not completely fixed to the foundation.

Laying the foundation and making the floor in a mini chicken coop

When building a chicken coop for 5 heads, a mound of gravel or rubble is usually made instead of a foundation. A solid base is required when the house is permanently installed. In this case, it is no longer possible to move the house to another place.

When choosing the type of foundation, concrete tape or pillars are considered. The poultry house for 5 chickens is very easy. It is irrational to fill in a complex in design and expensive strip foundation for a small house. The only option remains - a columnar base.

For such a foundation, it is necessary to dig holes for the supports around the perimeter of the future poultry house. The posts can be made of bricks, reinforced concrete blocks, or simply bury vertically thick oak or larch logs. When pouring monolithic concrete supports, formwork will need to be placed around the holes. The easiest option is to dig in pieces of pipes 100-200 mm thick, and pour concrete inside.

Advice! For a house for 5 chickens, a wooden frame from a bar, installed on a gravel embankment, can serve as a foundation. From the frame, the house is raised on supports with a height of 70 cm. This allows you to walk under the house.

The floor of the winter chicken coop is made warm. Its structure depends on the type of base. If the made poultry house is installed on a strip foundation, then the floor is poured with concrete or a solution of clay with straw. For the winter, a thick layer of litter is poured to keep the chickens warm.

Usually poultry houses for five chickens are made of wood using frame technology. For such a house, the only option would be a plank floor. However, it must be borne in mind that cleaning inside a small chicken coop is bad. Most of the owners who make a chicken coop for 5 chickens with their own hands fix a steel mesh over the plank floor. A gap is formed between the two planes. Insert the litter collection tray here. As a result, clean floor in the chicken coop serves as a grid.

The plank floor with or without mesh is warm, but this is not enough if a winter chicken coop is provided. Insulation is placed underneath the boards. Styrofoam, basalt wool, sawdust, or gravel work well. To keep the insulation under the floors, it is knocked out from below with a board or OSB. That is, you get a cake: subfloor, insulation, flooring, pallet and mesh.

Wall and roof fabrication

Now let's look at how the walls and roof of a chicken coop are erected with our own hands for 5 chickens using frame technology:

  • Having made a choice in favor of frame technology, the first step is to make the base of the house. For this, a rectangular frame of the lower strapping is knocked down from a bar with sides of the walls of at least 100 mm.
  • Corner posts are attached to the finished frame using mounting angles. From above they are connected with a strapping from a bar. From the inside, the frame is trimmed with plywood or any other similar material.
  • Initially, it was decided to build a winter chicken coop for 5 heads, so the walls need to be insulated. To do this, foam or mineral wool is tightly laid outside between the racks of the frame. From above, the thermal insulation is closed with waterproofing, after which the outer sheathing of the frame is performed with a board.
  • A hole is cut in the wall from the side of the enclosure. If the house is raised above the ground, then a ladder is attached to the entrance opening. It is made from a board 300 mm wide, stuffed across thin slats so that the chicken's paws do not slip.
  • A doorway is cut out in any side wall of the hen house. An opening window is also placed here so that in the summer you can ventilate the poultry house.
  • Before making a roof for a winter mini chicken coop, you need to make a ceiling. Floor beams are nailed onto the frame of the upper harness. From below, that is, from the inside of the house, plywood is knocked out. Any thermal insulation is placed in the cells. From above, the insulation is covered with waterproofing, after which it is sewn up with plywood.
  • Now you can attach the roof. It can be made single or gable. In any case, a rafter system is assembled from a bar, a crate is nailed, waterproofing and any roofing are laid.

The final construction of the chicken coop is the production of an aviary. For him, a similar frame is assembled from a bar, and then covered with a metal mesh. The roof of the enclosure is partially covered with a net and a solid roof. A sheet of corrugated board or polycarbonate is suitable. Such a roof will protect the chicken from rain. The ready-made aviary is installed close to the house from the side of the manhole.

Arrangement of a mini chicken coop inside

The internal space of the poultry house for 5 chickens is small, so you need to approach its arrangement wisely:

  • It will be possible to install the roost only vertical.However, they provide a slight slope so that the poles are located in steps. One chicken needs at least 30 cm of free roost space. From this, the total length of the structure is calculated, but it is better to do it with a margin. A distance of 35 cm is maintained between the poles, and 25 cm from the extreme element of the perch to the wall of the house.
  • For five chickens, two nests are enough. They are made hinged, fixing to the back wall of the chicken coop. Outside the house, you can make through windows opposite each nest and close them with boxes with a hinged lid. This design will make it easier to collect eggs.
  • The feeder is placed against the side wall of the house. It is optimal to use an elongated structure with a bar nailed from above. She will not allow the chickens to rake the food with their paws. A drinker is placed at the other wall. It is optimal to give preference to the nipple design. If using a trough drinker, the inside of the house will be damp from spilled water on the floor.
  • Additionally, equipment for food and water is placed inside the enclosure. Here you need to put another container with sand or ash. You can make a mixture of these ingredients. Chickens love to swim, while they try to clean their feathers.

Layers need a long daylight hours, otherwise their egg production will sharply decrease. The situation will be corrected by installing a plafond inside the hen house, only all the electrical wiring is fixed from the outside of the house.

The simplest ventilation in a poultry house for 5 chickens

Airing through an open window is effective only in summer. In winter, this option is accompanied by a large loss of heat. To maintain an optimal microclimate inside the hen house, the house is equipped with supply and exhaust ventilation. To do this, you need to take two plastic pipes and bring them out through the roof.

The chimney is located above the feeders or perches. It is taken out above the roof to a height of 500 mm, and from the ceiling it protrudes a maximum of 150 mm. The supply pipe is installed as far as possible from nests and perches. Above the roof, it is brought out to a height of 300 mm, and inside the house it is lowered to the floor, leaving a gap of 200 mm.

The video provides an overview of a homemade small chicken coop with an aviary for five layers:

When the house is completely ready, all that remains is to select a good breed of layers. These chickens are usually small, but they lay a lot of eggs. If you are chasing an egg and meat breed, then do not expect a good result from five birds.

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