Growing strawberries in boxes above the ground

Spring is a joyful and difficult time for gardeners. There will be a lot of trouble in growing seedlings, sowing seeds in the ground. And strawberry lovers often face the question of how and where to place a delicious fragrant berry. Gardeners do not always have large areas. And I want a variety of plants to grow in the country. Ogorodnikov is difficult to confuse; they come out victorious in any situation.

So, with the planting of fragrant garden strawberries. If there is not enough space on earth, then you can do growing strawberries in boxes on the street. Beginners are often interested in which container you can plant plants in, which soil you need to use, what are the features of care.

Advantages and disadvantages

Gardeners quite often plant strawberries in various boxes, buckets, large flower pots.

What are the advantages of such a landing:

  1. Small boxes and buckets are mobile "beds" that can be rearranged at any time.
  2. In autumn, such structures can be placed in a greenhouse or on a window or balcony.
  3. The berries do not touch the ground, they get sick less.
  4. Pests living on the ground (mice, slugs, snails, bears) cannot get to the roots and leaves.
  5. Collecting berries is a pleasant experience, since you don't have to bow before each berry.
Attention! These containers with garden strawberries are a great option for landscaping.

Some of the disadvantages of growing strawberries in boxes and buckets cannot be kept silent. First, it is difficult to regulate watering. Secondly, if the boxes are wooden, then the service life is limited. Thirdly, the increased requirements for soil fertility.

Container for planting strawberries

For growing strawberries on the street, you can take any boxes. They can be made of wood, plastic. You can use ready-made boxes in which food is delivered to the store. There are already holes in wooden and plastic containers for planting seedlings. Some gardeners use old buckets because they will still need to be drilled through.

And how do you like this option for using items that are out of fashion. I just want to say in verse: earlier things were kept in it, but now strawberries are growing. The old chest of drawers (pictured below) has become a unique garden bed.

Preparing the soil

Strawberries develop quickly, with a second wave coming soon after the first flowering and fruit formation. It needs fertile soil to grow. To grow strawberries in boxes and buckets, you need to prepare the soil, observing the rules:

  1. At the bottom of the containers, a drainage layer must be laid out (up to 25% of the volume of a bucket or box) so that there is no stagnation of water. Otherwise, decay of the root system will begin, which leads to the death of the strawberries. In addition, the drainage pad allows oxygen to pass through, which is essential for the harmonious development of plants. Crushed stone or gravel is most often used.
  2. Strawberries love fertile, loose soil. It is imperative to add coarse sand. It is mixed with soil. Due to the presence of sand, gas exchange will increase, which contributes to the rapid growth and development of strawberries. You cannot take land in the place where strawberries used to grow.
  3. Peat, wood ash must be added to the soil. If the soil lacks nutrients, the plants may stop growing in crates and buckets. Naturally, the berries will be small and tasteless.
  4. Since remontant strawberries are most often grown in boxes and buckets in order to get a crop several times per season, it is necessary to apply nitrogen and ammonia fertilizers before planting. Some gardeners add blended carrots and beets to the bottom of the hole before planting strawberries as a source of sugar. In their opinion, plants root better.
  5. Since garden strawberries often suffer from black legs, the soil must be disinfected by watering it with boiling water with dissolved crystals of potassium permanganate.
  6. The prepared soil is laid out in planting containers and watered with clean water.

Rules for planting strawberries in boxes

When planting strawberries in boxes, use the one-line method. The hole is poured with water and the seedlings are placed in the resulting mud. The roots need to be straightened. Sprinkle dry earth on top and gently press the plant. If this is not done, then there will be no tight contact with the ground, this will negatively affect rooting. It is simple to check whether the plant sits well in the ground: slightly pull the leaves. If the bush does not budge, then it was planted according to the rules.

Before planting, the roots are cut off the seedlings, leaving from 5 to 7 cm. This technique provokes the rapid development of lateral roots. Planting needs to be watered and mulched again.

Attention! You need to plant strawberries correctly, without deepening the growth points.

Features of plant care

Growing strawberries in various containers is used by many summer residents. They note that there are no special differences in the care of strawberries. Planting needs to be weeded, loosened, watered and fed.

Although there are nuances that you need to pay attention to:

  1. Difficulties can arise when watering plants. The soil in wooden or plastic boxes dries faster than on regular beds.
  2. Since there is limited space in strawberries, the plants quickly select nutrients. Strawberries need to be fed more often, especially for remontant varieties after the first wave of fruiting.

Strawberry boxes

Most often, gardeners grow strawberries in boxes. This is the most convenient container, in addition, you can use ready-made options or make boxes yourself. You can plant seedlings from one or both sides, as in the picture.

What makes the boxes convenient:

  1. You can grow strawberries in such a container on a rigidly fixed base or suspended.

  2. Using plastic or wooden boxes of different sizes, you can build pyramids out of them. Such designs attract the attention of gardeners who want to see beauty in their garden.

And how do you like this option for using boxes for strawberries. Three boxes are stacked on top of each other, plants peeking out of the cracks between the boards. Each layer is mulched with straw.

If you want to plant plastic boxes for garden strawberries, use not only store containers, but also containers for fruits and vegetables. Although the soil dries out faster in them, it heats up better. Plants feel comfortable.

An interesting video about a garden fence with strawberries:

Strawberry buckets

Buckets are an equally interesting option that saves land in the country. Old buckets of any material can be used.

Planting in such containers will depend on how the strawberries are grown. Gardeners use different options:

  • freestanding buckets;
  • collected in a pyramid. The most attractive buckets look, collected in an amazing cascade, as in this photo.
  • suspended by rings or chains.

The option used may cause watering difficulties. In addition, soil dries out in such buckets much faster than in boxes. Due to the large weight of the container, rings or chains can fly off, so you need to take care of a secure attachment. Although the method used saves the area of ​​the site as much as possible.

How to apply buckets:

Let's summarize

Growing strawberries is a kind of hobby that can become a business idea at any time. As a rule, they study in small areas, gain experience. Today, many gardening enthusiasts get large harvests of strawberries even in small areas in buckets, boxes, flowerpots.

Watch a video about one strawberry-addicted man:

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