Tomato Riddle: characteristics and description of the variety

To ensure a generous and varied harvest, gardeners plant several varieties of vegetables. And, of course, everyone is trying to harvest early. For this purpose, early ripening tomatoes are selected. The Zagadka tomato variety is just optimal for both experienced and novice summer residents.

Characteristics of the variety

Determinant bushes of tomato cultivar Zagadka are formed by strong and powerful trunks. In the open field, tomatoes grow to a height of about 50 cm, and in a greenhouse they can rise by 60 cm. Moreover, the bushes are formed in a fairly compact form. Above the fifth or sixth leaf, the first cluster grows, on which about five to six fruits are tied. Tomato Riddle practically does not give stepchildren.

A distinctive feature of the Riddle tomato variety is early maturity. From the moment of germination of seeds to harvest, 85-87 days pass.

Bright red Riddle tomatoes ripen in a round shape, slightly ribbed near the stalk (as in the photo). The mass of a tomato grown in an open field is about 80-95 g, and in greenhouses a vegetable can gain weight about 112 g. Fleshy pulp of tomatoes The riddle tastes good. Vegetables have a dense skin that does not crack, so tomatoes are excellently transported over long distances.

The average yield of the Zagadka variety is approximately 22 kg per plot per square meter. The first ripe tomatoes of the Riddle variety appear in early to mid-June. Tomatoes do not need special attention during the growth process.

Growing tomatoes

The Riddle variety grows well in shady places, and it is better to plant seedlings in open ground or in a greenhouse.

Planting seeds

If planting material of a well-known manufacturer is used, then there is no need to carry out special seed preparation. Sowing seeds in a box is recommended at the end of March.

Seedling growing stages:

  1. A container with fertile soil is being prepared. The sufficient height of the box is 5-7 cm. In wet ground, several parallel furrows are drawn at a distance of 2-4 cm from each other.
  2. Tomato seeds Riddle are laid out in a row with a step of 1.5-2 cm. If you plant seeds more often, then when planting sprouts, you can damage the plants. The grains are lightly covered with soil.
  3. The container is covered with transparent plastic wrap or glass and placed in a warm place. The optimum temperature for seed germination is + 22-23˚ С.
  4. After about five to six days, the seeds germinate and the box is placed in a lighted area.
  5. When the seedlings have two leaves, it will be possible to pick and plant the sprouts in separate cups or small containers.

About two weeks before transplanting seedlings to the site, you should begin to harden it. For this, the seedlings must be taken out into the open air. It is necessary to start with a few minutes and gradually increase the duration of hardening. On the eve of transplanting, the seedlings should be outdoors for the whole day. Seedlings are planted Riddle only when warm weather sets in and the probability of night frosts becomes minimal.

Advice! Seedlings must be transported carefully, the sprouts should not be damaged. The planting material should not be allowed to lie sideways.

Planting seedlings

It is better to do a transplant on a cloudy day or choose a time in the evening so that the plant grows stronger overnight. Before transplanting, the soil in the cups must be slightly moistened to make it easier to remove the seedlings, and the roots are not damaged.

The recommended scheme for planting planting material is 6-8 bushes per square meter of area. Tomatoes should not interfere with each other. Each tomato of the Riddle variety should receive maximum light and air. Therefore, the holes are placed in a row with a pitch of 35-40 cm and leave 70-80 cm between rows. The best option is to place seedlings in 2 rows (at a distance of 35 cm), leaving 70-80 cm on the path.

Wells 15-20 cm deep are prepared in advance. Each hole is completely filled with water and you have to wait until it is absorbed. The tomato variety Riddle is taken out of the container, placed in a hole and some compost is sprinkled around the plant. The seedling is covered with earth and slightly compacted. About a liter of water is poured under each bush. Immediately next to the sprout, a 50 cm high peg is placed to tie the stems. It is not recommended to use synthetic threads for fixing tomatoes, as they can damage the stems. The most suitable option is a hemp rope.

Advice! During the week, the tomatoes can not be watered, and after two weeks it is advisable to spud the seedlings.

Greenhouse in the beds

If it is still relatively cool outside, then the planting of Riddle tomatoes is covered with a film until it gets warmer. This is done so that the seedlings take root well and do not suffer from drying out. In a greenhouse, seedlings require half the water.

Advice! The film for arranging the structure can be taken with transparent polyethylene or special agrofibre.

Agrofibre has several advantages: a durable and reliable material, resistant to strong winds, protects plants during heavy rain or bright sunlight, a durable canvas that can be cleaned well.

As supports, you can use PVC tubes, which are easy to bend. If drawstrings are drawn on the canvas, then it will be easy to insert pipes into them. Then pegs are driven in along the edges of the tomato beds and the tubes are already put on them. It is not difficult to fasten the structure over the landing. In order not to immediately remove the canvas, you can simply collect it and open the tomatoes. Riddle for airing.

Watering recommendations

Do not allow water to enter the stem or leaves of tomatoes. Therefore, you need to water the Riddle tomatoes exclusively at the root. Moreover, it is advisable to do this in the evening, then the water will saturate the soil well and evaporate less.

Until the fruit is set, you should not be carried away by watering, you just need to prevent the soil from drying out and the appearance of cracks in the soil.

Advice! The best irrigation option is the arrangement of a drip system. Pipes are laid along the rows of tomatoes, and water flows under each root without falling on the stem or leaves.

When setting the fruit of the Riddle variety, it is recommended to water the tomato abundantly every 4-6 days. To better absorb water, you can slightly loosen the soil on the eve of watering. Mulching the soil with straw or hay will prevent the soil from drying out quickly.

Of course, the climatic conditions of the region are also of great importance for the formation of the irrigation regime.

Top dressing of tomatoes

During the season, it is advisable to fertilize the soil three to five times. The main requirements are: to fertilize the soil on time and not to exceed the dosage.

One and a half to two weeks after planting tomato seedlings Riddle, a solution of ammonium nitrate is introduced into the soil (10-20 g of fertilizer are dissolved in 10 liters of water).

During the flowering period, a bed with tomatoes is fertilized with a solution of manure with Azofoska (20 g is enough for 10 liters).

Then, every two weeks, the Riddle tomatoes are watered with mullein or inorganic solutions (15 g of ammonium nitrate and 25 g of potassium sulfate are added to 10 liters).

Diseases of tomato

Due to the early ripening of the fruits, the Riddle tomato manages to avoid mass infection with diseases. Therefore, no special prophylaxis or the use of any special chemicals is required.

The Zagadka tomato variety is an excellent choice for gardeners who are used to picking ripe tomatoes in mid-June.Thanks to the simple rules of care, even novice gardeners will reap a decent harvest.

Reviews of gardeners

Svetlana Andreychik, Gomel
Tomatoes Riddle is a new variety for me. I planted seedlings in open ground at the end of May (I was afraid of late frosts). Therefore, the first crop was harvested in July. But still I really liked the tomato, especially since there was no need to pinch. Delicious fleshy fruits delighted our family for a very long time.
Ilya Sergeev, Rostov-on-Don
I agree that this Riddle variety does not require much attention. But in general, the tomatoes did not make much of an impression. Gourmets A mystery is not surprising. I do not plan to plant any more tomatoes of the Riddle variety.
Stepan Nosov, Belgorod
I'm planting a tomato Riddle on the site for the third season. I am satisfied with such advantages of the variety: there is no need to pinch, the tomatoes ripen in clusters at once, they do not get sick. He began to pick up slightly unripe fruits so that they could reach the room. But the tomatoes on the bush get more nutrition. Tomatoes of the Riddle variety are stored perfectly, almost 4-6 weeks. The taste is excellent and the size is suitable for preservation.
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