Cucumber Artist F1

Among the new modern hybrids of cucumbers, a variety with a beautiful sonorous name - "Artist f1", stands out.

Cucumber "Artist" bred by breeders of the Dutch company Bejo (Bejo Zaden B.V.). The challenge for the scientists was to create a hybrid that would yield an early harvest and would not require pollinators. Both parameters are fully manifested in the hybrid. The topic of our article is a description of the cucumber "Artist f1", reviews about it and a photo of the plant.

Characteristics and description of the variety

For those who for the first time decided to plant the "Artist" variety of cucumbers on their plot, it is very useful to get acquainted with its characteristics. The main parameters that vegetable growers are interested in:

  1. Fruit ripening period. Cucumber "Artist f1" is an ultra-early variety, so even the most impatient summer residents will be satisfied. Zelentsy are ready for harvesting 35-40 days after planting.
  2. Plant type. According to the description of the variety, cucumbers "Artist" are indeterminate or unlimited in growth. Therefore, they require tying and forming a bush.
  3. Pollination type. The hybrid is parthenocarpic, which indicates that the variety is self-pollinated. It can be successfully grown in plastic greenhouses, on the balcony and, of course, in the open field.
  4. Bush characteristics. Vigorous plant with medium branching. The flowers are female. The leaves are dark green, large.
  5. Productivity. Subject to the requirements of agricultural technology from 1 sq. m of plantings of cucumbers variety "Artist" collect up to 9 kg of delicious fruits.
  6. Fruit. Zelentsy cucumber "Artist f1" are distinguished by a peculiar characteristic feature. Their skin is covered with large, frequent pimples. The shape of the fruit is cylindrical, its size is small (12 cm), its weight is about 100 g. The pulp is without bitterness, crispy and aromatic.
  7. The use of zelents is universal. Cucumbers are equally good fresh and canned.

According to the reviews of those who planted cucumbers "Artist f1", the plant is fully consistent with the description.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is best to group the advantages and disadvantages of the "Artist" cucumber variety is helped by reviews of farmers.

Among the advantages of a hybrid, they distinguish:

  • ultra-early ripening of cucumbers;
  • duration of fruiting;
  • excellent germination of planting material;
  • lack of yellowness on ripe cucumbers;
  • high productivity;
  • resistance to common mosaic, cladosporium disease, powdery mildew;
  • hybrid tolerance to lighting deficiency;
  • high-quality presentation, allowing to grow the cucumber "Artist" for commercial purposes;
  • cucumber resistance to drought and heat;
  • high recovery ability after drying;
  • the versatility of using cucumbers.

Cucumbers "Artist" are a very worthy variety in terms of their characteristics, but they also have some disadvantages:

  1. Yield indicator. Subject to agricultural technology, 8.5 kg are collected from the ridges from 1 sq. m. Many vegetable growers believe that this is an average figure. Dutch hybrids are capable of producing more fruits from the same area.
  2. The exactingness of cucumbers to the feeding schedule.

Such disadvantages are easier to consider as the distinctive characteristics of the "Artist" cucumber. A competent approach to agricultural cultivation techniques allows you to completely eliminate them.

Algorithm for growing seedlings

The technology of growing cucumber variety "Artist f1" is identical to the procedure for other hybrids. Sowing of cucumber seeds begins in February. The exact date is calculated taking into account the climate of the region, weather conditions, recommendations of the lunar sowing calendar for the current year. A variety of cucumbers is grown in two ways:

  • seedling;
  • direct sowing into the ground.

Grown in comfortable conditions, cucumber seedlings will allow you to harvest earlier, and the plants will be stronger.In any case, you will need high-quality cucumber seeds.

According to the description and varietal characteristics, the cucumber "Artist" belongs to the first generation hybrids. Therefore, the seeds will have to be purchased annually. It is best to buy Dutch "Artist" cucumber seeds. They have undergone full pre-sowing treatment and have a high germination rate. If it is decided to plant cucumber seeds of an unknown manufacturer, then you can carry out full or partial pre-sowing preparation. For this:

  • rejection of unusable - empty or damaged seeds of cucumbers;
  • disinfect the planting material in a solution of potassium permanganate for 15 minutes;
  • hardened by changing temperatures;
  • soaked cucumbers for germination.

To plant prepared cucumber seeds, you need to prepare soil and seedling containers. The most optimal composition for cucumbers "Artist", according to reviews of summer residents, contains 2 parts of humus and peat and 1 part of sawdust. In addition, vegetable growers add mineral fertilizers to 10 liters of the mixture - nitrophoska (30 g) and wood ash (40 g). The composition is mixed, ignited, spilled with a disinfecting solution and poured into a seedling container.

For growing cucumbers, plastic containers with a pull-out bottom or individual cups are suitable.

Plants do not welcome transplanting, so it is advisable to reduce the degree of root injury during transplantation. The container is disinfected with a solution of potassium permanganate and filled with soil, leaving 1 cm to the edge of the side.

1-2 seeds are placed in each container. If the seeds of the cucumbers were germinated, then use tweezers so as not to break off the sprouts. Sprinkle lightly with earth, cover the crops with foil and place containers on a windowsill or other bright place.

Water the soil as the top layer dries, but moderately and with warm water.

As for the temperature indicators for cucumber seedlings, until shoots appear, you need to maintain a level of +23 ºC… + 28 ºC. After seed germination, the indicator is reduced to +20 ºC… + 22 ºC.

Important! The temperature during the day should not exceed + 25 ºC, and at night it should not fall below +15 ºC.

Main points of care:

  1. Watering with settled warm water 1-2 times a week. When watering, make sure that water does not fall on the cucumber leaves. If there are many heating devices in the room, they additionally humidify the air.
  2. Thinning. When 2 or more seeds are planted in one container, the most powerful sprout is left. The rest are cut with scissors so as not to harm the root system of the remaining seedling.
  3. Feeding. Until the moment of planting in open ground, 2-3 fertilizing of "Artist" cucumber seedlings is carried out. The first is needed in the phase of appearance of a real leaf and consists of a set of mineral fertilizers - ammonium nitrate (7 g), potassium sulfate (8 g), superphosphate (15 g).

    This amount is dissolved in a bucket of water and a little infusion of bird droppings is added. The second time they prepare food for the cucumber in the phase of the second true leaf, the third time - 14 days after the first feeding. In both cases, a double dose of the components is taken for the same amount of water.
  4. Backlighting. It is necessary in the first months of winter, when the "Artist" cucumber seedlings do not have enough daylight.
  5. Picking. Seedlings of pumpkin crops try not to dive. But if the sowing is carried out in a common box, then the pick is carried out for plants aged 6-7 days and very carefully.

When 4 real leaves appear on the cucumber seedlings, they are ready for planting in the ground.

Sowing in the ground

When sowing a cucumber in open ground, be sure to prepare the soil in advance. Dig in, apply mineral fertilizers, remove weeds... According to the description of the variety, cucumbers "Artist", when sowing in the ground, must first be covered from possible frost (see photo).

At this time, the earth should warm up to +15 ºC, and the air temperature to +22 ºC. The seeding depth of cucumber seeds is 2 cm and the distance between them is 10 cm.

Landing and care rules

Cucumber variety "Artist" is considered stress-resistant.Plants quickly adapt to a new location. Naturally, provided that the soil is carefully transplanted and prepared. Basic care consists of:

  1. Loosening and weeding of ridges. At the same time, they make sure not to touch the root system of cucumbers, which is located close to the surface.
  2. Tying a bush. According to reviews, cucumbers "Artist f1" strongly branch, so they are tied up, as in the photo.

    This helps the branches not to get tangled and ventilate, and the plant to avoid fungal diseases. At the same time, pinch the side branches of cucumbers at a height of 0.5 m, and the main stem by 2 m.
  3. Glaze. It is very important to maintain a watering schedule for cucumbers during the period of fruit setting and fruiting. Cucumbers are 80% water, and without sufficient watering, the crop will be of poor quality. "Artist" can withstand short-term drought, but cannot stand cold water. Water the bushes under the root with settled warm water.
  4. Top dressing. This point must be observed carefully. For the "Artist" variety, nutrition is very important; during the growing season, you will need to carry out up to 5 dressings. The first is needed in the phase of the appearance of real leaves. This is when sowing cucumber seeds directly into the ground. Composition as when feeding seedlings. Then the compositions are alternated - minerals are replaced by organic matter. The cucumber variety responds well to feeding with infusions of bird droppings or mullein, applying ash to the ridges. According to summer residents, foliar dressing of cucumbers "Artist" with preparations "Terraflex" "Plantafol", "Izabion", "Megafol" gives a good effect (see photo)
  5. Bush formation, especially in the greenhouse. The plant is formed into one stem with pinching of the top. This makes it possible to regulate the growth and fruit formation on cucumber lashes.
  6. Timely harvest. An important point for culture. If you are late in picking the fruit, then the cucumber yield will decrease significantly.


A great help to novice farmers is provided by a photo of "Artist" cucumbers, a description of the variety and reviews of experienced summer residents.

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