The best varieties of tall tomatoes for open ground

Tomato culture has a huge variety of different varieties. They differ not only in the taste and market characteristics of their fruits, but also in the height of the plants. According to this criterion, all tomato bushes are divided into tall ones, medium-sized and undersized varieties. All of them can be grown both in greenhouses and in the open field. In this article, we'll take a look at tall tomatoes and their best outdoor varieties.

Pros of tall varieties

Tall varieties of tomatoes for open ground have long gained popularity among gardeners and gardeners. Their main advantage over other varieties is the compact size of their bushes. They do not grow in width but in length. Typically, the stem of these varieties grows from 1.5 to 4 meters in height. Due to the fact that these plants grow upward, they take up less space in the garden. Therefore, one square meter can accommodate more tall plants than short ones. In addition, they have other advantages that distinguish them from other varieties:

  • High yield... Long plants of these varieties can form 20 to 40 clusters of tomatoes. This will allow you to collect up to 2 harvest buckets from a square meter.
  • Late blight immunity... Due to the fact that plants of tall varieties are evenly illuminated, and their foliage and brushes do not touch the ground, the likelihood of getting late blight is much lower in them than in other varieties.
  • Long fruiting periodstarting in July and ending in late autumn.
  • Easy care... Due to the fact that all stepchildren are removed from the plants of these varieties, it is easy to notice any beginning diseases, as well as pests, on their non-thickened trunks. In addition, the absence of side shoots greatly facilitates loosening, watering and harvesting.

Characteristics of varieties

Tall varieties of tomatoes for open ground are distinguished by their variety. Of course, the main criteria for many gardeners when choosing a tall variety of tomatoes will be the taste of the fruit and the period of their ripening. If the crop is supposed to be used for the preparation of tomato juice, then red and pink varieties should be chosen. If the tomatoes are planned to be consumed fresh or closed in jars, then you can choose multi-colored varieties. In addition, yellow and green tomatoes will taste superior to red varieties. According to the ripening period, the varieties are divided into early, medium and late. It is by this criterion that we will consider them.

Early varieties

The ripening period for these tall varieties will not exceed 100 days.



This is a fairly tall variety of tomatoes. Its average height will be 2 meters. In this case, the first inflorescence of Baramley is located above the 8th leaf.

His Tomatoes have a rounded, slightly flat shape, and their weight will not exceed 200 grams. Until the moment of ripening, the Barmalei tomato has a dark green spot at the stalk. After ripening, it disappears. The color of the ripe fruit of this variety is deep pink.

The flesh of his tomatoes is medium in density and quite fleshy. She has excellent taste and marketability. It is perfect for salads.

The Barmalei variety is distinguished by its yield. Up to 16 kg of tomatoes can be harvested per square meter.

wild Rose

wild Rose

The height of the bushes of this variety can reach 2 meters.

Important! If you do not pinch the Wild Rose, then its bushes will quickly grow lush foliage.

Tomatoes of rather large sizes are tied on its plants. Their average weight is about 350 grams. Wild Rose Tomatoes have a round, slightly flattened shape. As they ripen, the unripe fruits of this variety change their color from mottled green to deep pink.

The flavor characteristics of this variety are excellent. Tomatoes have juicy but not watery flesh. Its zest is sweet and sour taste. Sugar in it will be no more than 3.7%, and dry matter will be in the range from 6% to 7%. Wild Rose is one of the few tomato varieties that are ideal for cooking. In addition, they are actively used for the preparation of salads, sauces, juices and purees. This variety is not suitable only for salting and preservation.

Wild rose has excellent immunity to many diseases. Its yield will be about 6 - 7 kg per square meter.

China gold

China gold

Vigorous bushes of this variety are not as tall as those of other varieties. Their maximum height will be only 1.5 m. Despite the fact that the trunk of the bushes is strong enough, it still needs a garter to the support.

Among the slightly corrugated green leaves of this variety, rich orange tomatoes look very advantageous. They have an almost perfect rounded shape. The average weight of a mature tomato will be about 200 grams.

The Gold of China variety is distinguished by its fleshy dense pulp. In terms of taste, it stands out among other varieties of tomatoes. The Gold of China tomatoes have universal uses, but they are tastiest when fresh.

Chinese gold is ideal for outdoor cultivation.

Important! During long-term transportation, tomatoes of this variety may lose their attractive appearance.

Miracle of the earth

Miracle of the earth

The average height of his plants will be about 1.5 meters. Each of them grows up to 10 fruit clusters, each of which can hold from 6 to 8 fruits. And if all agrotechnical characteristics are observed, up to 14 fruits can be tied on each fruit cluster.

Important! This variety simply needs to be tied to a support or trellis.

Tomatoes Wonder of the Earth are heart-shaped. Their distinguishing feature is the absence of a green spot on the stem. The surface of these tomatoes is painted in a pleasant deep pink color. The first tomatoes can grow with a weight of 500 grams, the subsequent ones will be slightly smaller - from 250 to 350 grams. Their dense flesh is very juicy and sweetish in taste.

In addition to excellent taste characteristics, Wonder of the Earth boasts a long shelf life. His tomatoes do not crack and do not lose their presentation within two weeks from the moment they were removed from the bush. In addition, the Wonder of the Earth has good drought tolerance and excellent adaptability to temperature fluctuations.

Medium varieties

Their tomatoes will ripen between 110 and 120 days.



The height of its bushes will not exceed 150 cm. The first inflorescence of the Cardinal is formed above the 9th leaf, and from 6 to 8 tomatoes can be tied on each cluster.

Cardinal Tomatoes are heart-shaped and rather large in size. The average weight of a ripe fruit will be about 400 grams, while the very first tomatoes can weigh up to 600 grams. Their surface is painted in soft pink or crimson color.

The Cardinal's pulp is medium firm. At the same time, it is quite meaty, juicy and sugar. It is distinguished by its universal application and can retain its taste characteristics even during long-term storage.

The cardinal has good immunity to disease and can tolerate cold weather and drought normally. Its yield will be about 15 kg per square meter.

Advice! A bountiful harvest of Cardinal tomatoes can only be obtained when grown on light, fertile soil with appropriate care.

Honey saved

Honey saved

The height of the honey spas bushes is in the range from 120 to 160 cm, but despite this it is also tall.

Its tomatoes have a pleasant honey-yellow color. They have a rounded shape and rather large size. The weight of a ripe tomato from Honey Spas can be up to 600 grams. Its pulp is very aromatic with a barely noticeable acidity. Honey Spas tomatoes are dietary. They are also great for those who are allergic to red vegetables.

Honey saved differs in its resistance to late blight and fusarium. In addition, its fruits do not crack at all and tolerate transportation very well. From one bush of the Honey Savior, you can harvest from 4 to 5 kg of the crop.

Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant

Not the tallest of the tall varieties. Its bushes can grow from 1.5 to 2 meters. The first inflorescence is most often formed above the 7th leaf. Each Pink Elephant brush can hold 6 to 8 fruits.

It got its name for the crimson-pink color of its rather large fruits. The weight of one fruit can reach 300 grams. In its form pink elephant tomatoes resemble a slightly flattened circle. The fleshy pulp of its tomatoes has excellent taste characteristics. It is perfect for salads and cooking.

The pink elephant has good resistance to many diseases. In addition, it can carry transportation quite well. The yield of each plant is from 2.5 to 3 kg.



This hybrid is one of the best varieties of domestic breeding. Its medium-leafed bushes grow from 150 to 250 cm in height and require mandatory support. The first inflorescence of the hybrid Tarasenko-2 appears above the 5th sheet. And on its brushes up to 30 tomatoes can be tied.

Important! The mass of tomatoes from one brush will be at least 3 kg.

Tomatoes Tarasenko-2 in their shape resemble a circle with a pointed tip. The weight of each of them will not exceed 100 grams. When unripe, these tomatoes are pale green in color, and when ripe they turn bright red. They have delicious fleshy flesh. It is perfect for salads and for processing into juice and puree.

Tarasenko-2 is very often grown for sale. This is due to the fact that its tomatoes perfectly tolerate transportation and can be stored for a long time, and the plants are highly resistant to late blight. In addition, this hybrid has a very high yield. Each bush can be harvested from 15 to 20 kg of tomatoes.

Late varieties

Their ripening will have to wait up to 140 days.

Bull heart orange

Bull heart orange

This is one of the lowest representatives of tall tomatoes. Its bushes are between 1 and 1.6 meters high. On the brushes of these low-leafed bushes, up to 5 fruits can be tied at the same time.

Its tomatoes are heart-shaped and have an average weight of 300 to 400 grams. As they ripen, the color of the tomatoes changes from green to orange. They are distinguished by their fleshy sugar pulp. Due to its excellent taste characteristics, it is perfect for salads.

Orange bovine heart has good resistance to the most common diseases of this culture. In addition, this variety has a fairly high yield. Up to 17 kg of tomatoes can be harvested from each square meter. Harvest of Bovine Heart Orange has good transportability and shelf life.

De Barao red

De Barao red

De Barao red plants can grow up to 3 meters in height. On their drooping brushes, up to 10 tomatoes can be tied.

Its tomatoes are plum-shaped. Their weight varies from 50 to 70 grams. From the name of the variety, it is clear that its tomatoes are red in color. The flesh of De Barao red is quite dense and with a characteristic tomato flavor. Due to its taste characteristics, it is ideal for salads and canning.

Plants Tomatoes De Barao red have increased resistance to late blight, and tomatoes perfectly tolerate long-term transportation.At the same time, they perfectly retain their presentation and taste characteristics. The yield of De Barao red bushes will be from 3 to 4 kg per square meter.

Mikado pink

Mikado pink

It belongs to the most popular late varieties of tomatoes... The bushes of Mikado pink can grow from 150 to 250 cm. At the same time, up to 8 large fruits can be tied on each of them at the same time. Mikado Tomatoes pink are flat-round in shape, and their weight is between 300 and 600 grams. Ripe tomatoes have a pink-raspberry color and firm flesh. Best of all, it is suitable for fresh consumption, but it can also be used for preparing a variety of dishes.

Important! Mikado pink tomatoes do not crack even when stored for a long time.

It has good immunity to many diseases of the tomato crop. High quality tomatoes are perfectly combined with increased productivity. At the same time, the harvest of Mikado pink does not depend on weather conditions and can be harvested in any weather.



This hybrid has tall and medium leafy shrubs. The first inflorescence on them is formed above the 8th or 9th leaf.

Its tomatoes are round. They are small in size and weigh up to 80 grams. Coloring hybrid tomatoes The plot is deep red. A distinctive feature of the Plot is the absence of a spot on the peduncle.

The pulp of tomatoes is very juicy with a slight sourness. Despite its universal application, the Plot pulp is most suitable for canning.

Important! Hybrid Plot is very rich in ascorbic acid - up to 26 mg%. The dry matter in its pulp will not exceed 6.2%, and the sugar will not exceed 3%.

This hybrid is distinguished by good resistance to the main diseases of tomatoes, and in particular to tobacco mosaic virus, cladosporium and rootworm nematode. It also has excellent yields. From a square meter, it will be possible to collect from 16 to 18 kg of tomatoes.


All these varieties have proven to be excellent for growing in the open field of our latitudes. Getting a bountiful harvest of tomato crops is directly related to the quality of plant care. That is why we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the video, which will tell you about caring for tall tomatoes in the open field:


Lyudmila, 49 years old, Moscow city
I always plant a Bull's heart from tall tomatoes. I planted an orange variety this year. The quality of the fruit is good as always. They are very tasty and quite large. I never complained about the yield of the Oxheart. With adequate watering and feeding, the harvest will be plentiful. This year we have been harvesting tomatoes until the end of September. I also like the fact that it can be stored for a long time.

Elizabeth, 34 years old, city ​​of Kovrov
I have never planted tall tomatoes in open ground. It always seemed to me that it was not very convenient. After all, it is recommended for them to specially make a certain frame so that it is more convenient to tie it up. This year there was not enough space in the greenhouse, and I planted several Mikado pink plants in the open beds. Maybe because they got more sun, maybe for other reasons, but their yield was much higher than those that grew in the greenhouse. And the tomatoes tasted better. Now I will always plant it in open ground. I recommend.

Tatiana, 57 years old, Podolsk
This year for planting chose De Barao red. I liked the small elongated shape of his tomatoes. They are specially created for preservation - they ideally go into the jar. They taste good, too. I will plant more.

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