How to preserve porcini mushrooms: for the winter and for a week, terms and conditions of storage

Large harvests of quiet hunting raise the question of the safety of the product before a person. There are several ways to store porcini mushrooms. Depending on the expected period, the conditions for keeping boletus may vary.

Where to store porcini mushrooms

In order for a product not to lose its consumer qualities over time, care must be taken to create suitable conditions for its preservation. There are several classic ways to store fresh porcini mushrooms. The most popular are:

  • cooking;
  • drying;
  • freezing.

Depending on the method chosen, porcini mushrooms are stored in different ways. The boiled product is placed in the refrigerator for several days. Frozen boletus is stored in a freezer in plastic containers or cellophane bags. Dried mushroom pieces are allowed to be stored at room temperature, provided the correct conditions are maintained in the room.

How many porcini mushrooms are stored

The freshly harvested crop needs to be processed as soon as possible. Over time, the flavoring characteristics of the fruit begin to deteriorate. If measures are not taken in time to preserve the harvest, porcini mushrooms can deteriorate and harm the human body.

Important! Freshly cut porcini mushrooms are stored at room temperature for no more than 12 hours.

It should be understood that the high temperature of the air indoors or outdoors can accelerate the decay of the product. Do not store porcini mushrooms in closed bags after harvest. In such cases, they begin to actively release toxic substances.

Depending on the chosen storage method, the shelf life of the product may vary.

How much fresh porcini mushrooms can be stored

Before putting the boletus into storage, it is necessary to carry out their primary processing. It is worth carefully sorting them out to remove spoiled and rotten specimens. Each mushroom is washed with running water, removing leaf particles and dirt accumulated on it. Using a knife, remove the lower part of the leg and damaged areas of the fruiting body.

After that, porcini mushrooms are washed again with water and wiped off with a napkin or paper towel. The dried fruit bodies are placed in a plastic container, covered with gauze and placed on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. To store them in this way, a constant temperature of no more than 2 degrees is required.

Under such conditions, boletus mushrooms are able to retain their taste and useful properties for up to 2 days. Usually this time is enough to resolve the issue with further processing of the product. If you store them in this way for more than 7 days, poisonous substances begin to accumulate in the caps.

How much to store boiled porcini mushrooms in the refrigerator

Cooking allows you to kill almost all the harmful substances contained in boletus, thereby slightly extending the shelf life of porcini mushrooms. Fruit bodies washed and cleaned from dirt are cut into large pieces and filled with water. The average boil time is about half an hour.

Important! From the pan where the mushrooms are boiled, it is necessary to periodically remove the foam, since it contains a large amount of harmful substances.

The liquid is drained, and the fruiting bodies are transferred to a plastic container and put into the refrigerator. At a temperature of 2-4 degrees, they are stored for up to 3-4 days. There is a great way to extend the shelf life of a product - immediately after cooking, it is laid out in a sterilized glass jar and sealed with a lid. In this case, boletus can withstand up to 6-7 days at the correct temperature.

How much to store dry porcini mushrooms

Drying allows you to multiply the shelf life of any product. Loss of moisture, porcini mushrooms completely stop the decay processes. Such a semi-finished product is not too picky about the surrounding conditions. There are several ways to prepare it:

  • drying in the sun;
  • drying in the oven;
  • use of an electric dryer.

Drying can significantly increase the shelf life of the product

Regardless of the preparation method, it is best to store the semi-finished product in a cloth bag, which will allow natural ventilation. Dried porcini mushrooms are stored at room temperature for up to six months. In dry, darkened rooms with low temperatures, their shelf life can reach up to 9-12 months.

How much to store frozen porcini mushrooms

Freezing is the most popular way to preserve large, quiet hunting harvests. In this form, the fruit bodies can easily be stored until the next harvest. Experienced housewives advise boiling pre-processed porcini mushrooms. The average cooking time before freezing is 15-20 minutes.

After that, the water is drained, the boletus is wiped dry with a paper towel or dried. They are laid out on a large cutting board or baking sheet so that a small distance remains between the pieces. Then porcini mushrooms are placed in the freezer for 3-4 hours.

Important! Separate chambers with the ability to set lower temperatures are best suited for freezing and storage.

The finished semi-finished product is taken out and laid out in plastic bags or containers and put back into the freezer. At an average temperature of -15 degrees, mushrooms can be stored for up to a year. The lower temperatures make the shelf life of frozen porcini mushrooms almost endless.

It is important to remember, however, that the mushroom flavor will eventually disappear from the frozen product. After a year of storage, the boletus will lose its noble aroma and taste like less valuable mushrooms. It is best to store them in this way for no more than 5-6 months.

How to keep a porcini mushroom

There are various situations where it is necessary to maintain the freshness of food for a certain time. Most often this happens when yields are too large, when there is no way to process the harvested boletus as quickly as possible. Depending on such situations, it is necessary to choose the right strategy for preserving the fruits of a quiet hunt.

There are frequent cases when forays into the forest are delayed for a day or more. Experienced mushroom pickers in such cases are advised to cover the bottom of the basket or bucket with a layer of moss collected from the forest. It will provide protection from high temperatures and improve natural ventilation. For the best effect, the basket is also covered with moss on top and sprinkled with fresh needles.

The fresh harvest of a quiet hunt must be processed as quickly as possible.

If you need to preserve the crop already at home, you should pay attention to the desired preservation conditions. Depending on the estimated time frame, you can use it in different ways. It is important to remember that fruiting bodies begin to deteriorate rather quickly, so procrastination can completely ruin bountiful harvests.

How to keep porcini mushrooms for a day

Most often, the question of short-term preservation of the nutrients of the product is at large yields, when the hostess is physically unable to process the collected volume of boletus. Despite the seemingly insignificant time frame, it is highly undesirable to store fresh porcini mushrooms at home at room temperature.High relative humidity and temperatures above 22-24 degrees within 5-6 hours will start irreversible processes of their deterioration.

Important! If it is not possible to place the product in the refrigerator or cellar, it is best to soak it in cool water and place it in the coldest place in the house.

Pre-treated porcini mushrooms are wiped dry and refrigerated. It is worth covering the container with gauze or paper towel to avoid the entry of unwanted microorganisms. If it is possible to transfer the crop to a cellar or a cold basement, this method will allow you to easily preserve porcini mushrooms for a day or even 3 days.

How to save porcini mushrooms for a week

Unlike short-term or maximum long-term storage, keeping the mushrooms fresh for 7 days is a rather difficult task. After 3 days in the refrigerator, porcini mushrooms will begin to secrete substances that are poisonous to the human body, so you have to resort to various culinary tricks. The most popular are cooking followed by keeping in a sterile closed container. Can be left in water with ice cubes.

Boiled boletus is placed in a large plastic container. They are mixed with ice cubes and cold water and left in the refrigerator. Due to this, the container maintains a constant temperature of up to +1 degrees. The main thing is not to forget to replace the melting ice once a day.

How to keep porcini mushrooms for the winter

Freezing is the best way to prolong the freshness of boletus

Long-term storage allows you to enjoy the taste of the gifts of summer, even in the cold winter months. With a correctly chosen technique, the mushroom taste and bright aroma will remain for quite a long time. Since keeping the product fresh for a long time is not possible, a compromise has to be made using drying and freezing methods.

Both methods will retain most of the beneficial properties of the fresh product. However, it should be remembered that long-term storage reduces the noble mushroom aroma. Since drying allows you to quickly get a semi-finished product, experienced housewives advise you to resort to freezing. Fresh or boiled mushrooms are placed in the freezer and, using the "shock freeze" mode, they turn them into a product that will easily survive several winter months.

Tips from experienced mushroom pickers

Very often, short shelf life and sudden deterioration of the product can be caused by improper preparation. Some housewives overlook the fact that small worms and small insects can accumulate inside the porcini mushrooms. Experienced mushroom pickers advise soaking the fruit bodies in slightly salted cold water for 6-12 hours before storing. During this time, the pests will completely leave the boletus.

Important! So that the aroma does not weaken, before storage, it is worth boiling the fruit bodies with the addition of several ingredients - bay fox, carrots and peppercorns.

If it means a longer preservation of the product, it is worth using some tricks when freezing. When boiling porcini mushrooms, you can add a small amount of citric acid or juice to the water. The components that make up their composition, when interacting with the mushroom surface, make its color and structure more attractive. The pieces become whiter and denser.


It is quite simple to store porcini mushrooms at home for their future use. Various freshness maintenance techniques can be used depending on the desired shelf life of the food. If you follow the advice of experienced housewives, you can enjoy the noble mushroom taste and aroma for many months.

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