English roses in garden design + photo

It is difficult to find a person who would not know anything about roses. There is simply no more perfect flower. Florists and landscape designers prefer this plant to other flowers. Rose bushes are appreciated not only for the beauty and grace of the petals, but also for their unique aroma. The rose has long been called the queen of flowers. There is nothing to be surprised at, because only she has such a rich color palette of buds.

English roses, or as they are popularly called, Ostinks, were created by an ordinary farmer from England, David Austin, a little more than half a century ago. Their main differences from classic English roses are multiple flowering, original shape and color of buds, amazing aromas. Today Austin roses in landscape design are the main decoration of gardens, parks, summer cottages. Just take a look at this photo, what a beauty!

Why do designers choose Austinki

When creating landscape design, flower growers give more preference to varieties created by David Austin. Why so much interest? Let's try to figure it out:

  • richness of colors and grace of the shape of the bud;
  • abundant and prolonged flowering, some varieties have three waves;
  • persistent peculiar aroma of apple, kiwi, musk, almond, honey.
  • high vitality of rose bushes - they can withstand temperatures of -35 degrees;
  • many rose diseases and pests are not terrible for English roses;
  • Ostinka is not capricious in leaving, unlike other types of roses.

The only difficulty is that having taken English roses as the main material for landscape design, you will have to seriously deal with the choice of a place for planting.

Warning! Direct sunlight negatively affects the condition of the English beauty.

Ostinok application options

In English varieties, the shape of the bush is spherical. Stems and branches from the very bottom to the top are strewn with buds. The color palette of the ostins is varied, even the most fastidious gardeners will be able to choose a rose bush for themselves.

When creating landscaping, every part of the plant is important. Ostinks come with drooping or erect branches. Both are valuable for creating flower arrangements.

With the help of English roses, you can create a rose garden, decorate mixborders, they are often used as tapeworms due to their high vitality.

Photo of Austin in a mixborder. Pink buds do not overwhelm the flowers surrounding the bush, on the contrary, they enhance their uniqueness.

Ostinki, planted along the garden paths, share their multicolored work area and recreation area. Landscape designers especially appreciate the William Shakespeare 2000 variety. It is good both for single plantings and in combination with other roses or flowers on lawns or garden paths. Is it possible to pass by such beauty with an indifferent look?

Landscaping options for paths in the private courtyard are presented in the photo.


David Austin's roses are unpretentious, flowering is often three-wave. The presence of English roses in rockeries, roller coasters, singles or groups plantings, in the form of a standard tree will make any garden irresistible.

Stamp ostinki

David Austin used the upright varieties Pilgrim and PortSunline to create the standard shape of the rose bushes.The picturesqueness of the standard ostins will add romance and elegance to your garden: there is one trunk, and a whole bunch of flowers! Flemish women will live with you for a long time, you just need to learn the rules of care. Here are several varieties of standard ostins:

  1. Schuss
  2. Lady Emma Hamilton.
  3. Swanee
  4. Mary rose

Roses in flower beds

English shrub roses are an important element for the design of flower beds. The uniqueness of the ostins is that the flowering lasts a long time, the buds with double centers attract the eyes, they never get sloppy.

Attention! Varietal variety allows you to create any "ornaments", if you add flowers to the flower beds, combined with roses.

Climbing roses in garden decor

David Austin created not only bushbut also climbing varieties of English roses. The value of climbing varieties in endless flowering. The buds are located along the entire length of the lash. The English breeder currently has more than 20 varieties. Three years after planting a rose bush, the whip is already about three meters. You can experiment with climbing roses, creating unique landscape compositions.

Even experienced flower growers are surprised to see such a rose bush as in the photo.

This line of rose bushes has not passed by queen garden lovers and landscape designers. Bright, double flowers against the background of lush green leaves can decorate any corner of the garden or park.

Curly roses decorate fences, benches in the garden, statues, fences, create airy gazebos.

Advice! Care must be taken to ensure that the support for climbing English roses is reliable.

Rose bushes blend harmoniously into any landscape. In confirmation - a photo, which shows options for decorating various fences, including old nondescript fences.

English roses in facade design

If the roses of David Austin are planted next to the house, then most often they choose a place near the front door or windows. The whips need to be positioned in a certain direction so that they can braid onto the supports. Flexible stems, the length of which is from 1.5 to 3 meters, are taken up along the supports around the window, they are even taken up to the roof of the house.

Throughout the warm season, the owners enjoy the amazing aromas of Ostins, the variety of which the venerable perfume creators envy:

  • fruit;
  • aroma of old roses;
  • myrrh;
  • combination of aroma of tea roses and musk.
Attention! At different times of the day and depending on the temperature and humidity of the air, the aromas change: sometimes delicate, barely perceptible, then tart.

And how festive a house looks, the wall or windows of which are entwined with ostinks. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with some of the works of landscape designers presented in the photo.

Create a secluded corner

David Austin's English roses are a lush spherical bush. Landscape designers find them a variety of uses, planting them in the most secluded corners of a garden or park. The shape is created by pruning the rose bush.

Luxurious places for rest and relaxation are one of the landscape design options. Climbing varieties of ostinks can be placed on wooden, metal trellises or made of thick wire, around garden benches, arbors.

Shrub and standard Ostinka varieties are planted in front of the trees; against the background of green foliage, rose bushes acquire an advantageous position.

Don't you want to retire by sitting in silence on a bench in a gazebo. Landscaping options in the photo below.

Arches and arched enfilades

From curly ostins you can get amazingly beautiful arches and enfilades. You just need to find a place where they will compete favorably with other plantings of the garden, and make arched supports. They must be resilient. Rose bushes are planted under the supports. To prevent the whips from falling, gardeners wrap flexible branches around the base.

Among David Austin's recent masterpieces is the rose Claire Austinnamed after the breeder's daughter.The color of the closed buds is soft lemon, and when the flower opens in all its glory, it is dazzlingly white. After a few days, the bud turns pink-beige.

Attention! The Claire Austin variety in the first two years is bushy, but then the whips grow up to 2.5 meters, it becomes climbing.

Therefore, the rose bush must be planted near the trellis. Imagine an arch, which during flowering is covered from top to bottom with buds of different shades. Isn't it a miracle !?

Rose Claire Austin in Landscaping.

Landscaping - ground cover roses

David Austin's extensive collection also includes ground cover roses that can be used to decorate pergolas, gazebos, and create hedges. Flower beds with rose bushes look no less attractive, the whips of which are spread out on the ground and spread their flowers along their entire length.

Standard and climbing roses can be used as carpet, if you give them a weeping shape of lashes.

Attention! Ground cover roses are important not only for creating various landscape design options for a garden, park. They prevent rainfall and winds from destroying the soil layer.

Carpets or ground cover varieties of roses when creating landscape design, they are planted both individually and in whole groups. Look at the photo how you can use such rose bushes when decorating a site.

How to combine with other colors

David Austin's English roses are good on their own, but in landscaping they are often combined with various garden plants. Such a neighborhood will not interfere with them, on the contrary, it will reveal the perfection of the queen of flowers to the fullest.

As already mentioned, rose bushes do not like the scorching sun. You can plant next to them:

  • tall grasses;
  • cereal plants;
  • bulbous and non-flowering garden plants.

When creating a mixborder, the bottom rows are filled in:

  • irises or ageratum;
  • cuff or geraniums;
  • purslane or bells.

The middle tier is given to daffodils, tulips, gladioli. Clematis, primroses, herbal carnations will look good next to rose bushes. Look carefully, perhaps some photos will give an impetus to your imagination, and you will create a unique version of landscape design.

Not only vertical or horizontal gardening is widely used in landscape design, the ostinki can be planted in flowerpots. This design is called mobile: the pots are easy to move to a new place. Most often, roses with small flowers are used.

Video about English roses:

In custody

The queen of flowers will always be the main component of landscape design. Gardeners will have to work hard to grow healthy roses:

  1. Plants extract nutrients from the soil, so top dressing is required. Ostinki are demanding for watering, but moisture on the flowers is undesirable, so watering is carried out at the root.After the rain, shake off the water from the rose bushes.
  2. When planting roses in the garden, stick to the planting plan so that later you do not stress the plants if the place is not chosen correctly.
  3. Correct and timely pruning helps to create rose bushes of various shapes. In addition, it prolongs the life of the plant.
  4. For the winter, all roses, regardless of the variety, are covered.

Landscaping is not an easy task, it often becomes a hobby. Experienced gardeners create flower arrangements on their own, and even share with rose lovers. We are also waiting for interesting design solutions, where the main "heroes" will be the unusually beautiful and fragrant roses of David Austin. Go for it!

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