Design of beds in a summer cottage + photo

A summer cottage for many people is a place where they can take a break from all city worries and feel at one with nature. Of course, the cultivation of a good harvest is also an incentive for many to visit the dacha regularly, but still, most tend to the dacha to relax. And for recreation, first of all, it is necessary to create comfortable and, which is important, aesthetic conditions. So that the eye has something to stop and relax on.

Some time ago, the combination of the words "landscape design of the beds" would have caused only a smile. But in recent years, more and more people are striving to create, at least on a small piece of land, a paradise on earth for themselves and their loved ones. Many people try to outmaneuver each other in decorating their site with all sorts of figurines, hanging baskets, flower beds, original paths and fences. Well, the beds in the country are the basis of the foundations of any summer cottage. What once it all began ...

Naturally, the desire is not only to make them comfortable for both the summer resident and the plants, but also beautiful. Gardening is not such a difficult task due to the large number of garden and building materials currently available for sale. Moreover, there are practically no restrictions on design, the main thing is that it is beautiful and safe.

Where to begin

If you really decided to radically change your site, and not arrange one or two beds, then you need to start with a well thought out plan. After all, if it is not at all difficult to change something on paper, then when everything is already finished in reality, you should experience only a feeling of pride and admiration, but not disappointment. Otherwise, it makes no sense to start all this.

So, take a large sheet of paper and draw a plan of your site, preferably keeping to the exact scale. All existing buildings and paths must be applied to the plan. If there is a slope on the site or the relief is not flawlessly even, then this is only good. Many people specially arrange slides and embankments out of the blue, and terracing even a gentle slope will add additional exoticism to your site.

In developing the design of flower beds and beds on your site, the main thing is that everything is in moderation. After sketching the main objects on the plan, be sure to estimate how many beds you want to arrange. If the site is very small, then it is necessary to think over vertical and multi-level beds. However, at least one such composition will not hurt even on a large area.

Important! When placing the beds on the plan, be sure to consider the proximity of the water source. After all, watering is something without which vegetables simply cannot grow.

Do not forget that the garden is created not only for beauty - the plants will need care.

The landscape design of your site provides for the creation of several zones that will differ from each other in their design. In one zone, you can arrange a place for passive rest, in the other - a small playground. And in each zone, you can set up flower beds and beds. However, it is quite possible to combine them. After all, many flowers serve as an excellent protection of vegetables from pests.

Materials for decorating the beds

There are a great many materials for decorating the beds in the country.

The beds, decorated with a variety of materials, are presented below in the photo.

  • Of boards different textures;
  • From natural stones.From this material, you can create high complex ridges with the involvement of specialists, or you can lay out very nice and simple beds yourself;
  • From natural or artificial blocks;
  • Made of bricks, including decorative ones;
  • From the branches that are braided into a decorative hedge, you can create charming beds in the country with your own hands;
  • From plastic strips and containers, you can create attractive compositions if you arrange them in the form of a variety of geometric shapes or lines;
  • With the use of special decorative garden borders for flower beds the most diverse forms and shades;
  • Slate;
  • From metal profiles and metal sheets;
  • From plastic bottles, after some preliminary preparation, which consists in coloring them in different colors, you can create colorful compositions.

High beds

No matter how many beds you come up with in the garden, several of them must be high. Firstly, they greatly simplify the care of plants. Secondly, the most valuable and beautiful plants can be planted in them, because the conditions for the growth and development of plants in these beds will be the most optimal. And, finally, the design options for such beds can be limited only by your imagination. They can be painted in any attractive color, they can be painted with patterns. On them you can lay out a mosaic of small decorative pebbles.

How can you quickly and easily arrange a high bed? If you decide to lay it out of bricks or stone, then this will take the longest. It is best in this case to invite a specialist bricklayer to make your structure look professional. But it is quite possible to cope with other materials on your own.

The easiest option is to use ready-made boards, 1.5 -3 cm thick and 15-20 cm wide.If the height of the proposed bed does not exceed 30 cm, then it is better to first dig a shallow ditch in the proposed place according to the size of the future bed. Its depth may be insignificant - about 10-15 cm.

You can choose the length of the bed at your discretion, and its width can vary from 50 to 80 cm. The main thing is that it is convenient for you to reach any part of it from the outside. Then, from the prepared boards, a box is knocked down according to the size of the future garden. On the four outer sides, it is limited by slats that are driven deep into the ground. Basis for high beds ready. If the bed is supposed to be more than 50 cm in height, then rough organic materials - branches, boards, twigs, etc., must be placed on the very bottom in a layer of up to 20 cm.With a small bed height, you can limit yourself to adding a layer of straw and rotten grass up to 10-20 cm.

Attention! If you have rodents on your site - moles, mice, then it is advisable to put a net at the very bottom of the future bed so that the animals cannot get to your harvest.

To protect the boards from decay, it is recommended to lay a bed around the entire perimeter with a layer of polyethylene from the inside. The last step is to fill the bed with a mixture of soil, compost and humus. All these components can be prepared in advance by yourself, or you can buy. At the last stage, you decorate the outside of the beds in any way that your imagination tells you. The simplest thing is to paint the boards in bright colors.

The content of the beds is also important.

If you are thinking about the question of how to arrange the beds in your summer cottage, then the beautiful design of the plantings themselves will be important. The most indispensable vegetables for creating beautiful compositions are various types of salads and cabbages. After all, there are so many varieties and colors. And if you pre-grow a lot of seedlings of these vegetables, then you can create unique colorful patterns from them that will look even more decorative than flower beds.

Another idea that is interesting to implement is the creation of a small vegetable garden of fragrant herbs.If the initially prepared and leveled ground is broken into many triangles or rhombuses using wooden slats, then they can be planted with various herbs. If you choose different shades, the result can be impressive. But this garden will also be fragrant.

It is most logical to place such a bed-flower bed of fragrant herbs near the barbecue area, where you receive guests and have picnics at your summer cottage.

Finally, try different mixed planting options in your garden. This will allow you to use pest control chemistry to a minimum, as they will protect themselves. In addition, mixed plantings provide boundless scope for creativity. Your garden will be completely unique and unique.

Vertical beds

Speaking about the design of the garden beds in the country, one cannot fail to mention such an important direction as vertical beds and flower beds. This is a fairly new direction, but its possibilities are truly inexhaustible. For a small area, they are simply irreplaceable. But even in large areas, their role is difficult to overestimate. First, they can help you divide the site into zones. Vertical beds can serve as a kind of partitions, behind which another functional space begins.

In addition, suspended and vertical structures can play a role in the design of paths and transitions from one part of the site to another. An example is a garden arch decorated with cells, with herbs or strawberry bushes planted in it.

In recent years, new materials have been used for vertical beds, such as plastic pipes of different diameters. Amazing designs can be made of them, thanks to a variety of connections.

Wood, as a material, will never go out of fashion, so vertical wood structures look very noble. For them, it is only necessary to provide protection from external influences by covering them with paints and varnishes. In this case, the service life of such structures will increase significantly.

If you have a large closed wall of a house or a blank fence on your site, then you cannot think of anything better than decorating it with hanging vertical beds.


As you can see, everything is in your power and the decoration of the beds and the entire site can be limited only by the flight of your imagination. And ideas and materials for their implementation can now be found in abundance.

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