Snow blower Champion ST1074BS

When winter comes, summer residents think about technical equipment. An important issue is the choice of a snow blower. Snow removal equipment saves from grueling physical work, especially in snowy winters. In a small area, regular and moderate physical activity will be a joy, but it will be difficult to tidy up a large area.

A snow blower is a construction of parts and devices for collecting snow masses. Then the car throws snow. Aggregates are divided into two types, depending on the technology for performing the work:

  • one-stage;
  • two-stage.

In the case of the single-stage version, the augers (snow collection devices) perform two different tasks. They collect and throw snow into a special chute in the device. This design makes the snow blower quite vulnerable. The augers have to reach their maximum rotational speed in order to throw the snow. And if a solid object comes across at the time of operation of the snow blower, then even imperceptibly for the driver, the mechanism can easily fail.

But two-stage snow blowers are more reliable and perfect. The design includes a rotor - an additional mechanism that serves as an intermediary between the outlet chute and the augers. Therefore, the speed of rotation of the screws is much lower, which avoids their premature wear.

Parameters for choosing a reliable snow blower for summer cottages

There are certain criteria, adhering to which you can not make a mistake in choosing.

  1. Snow blower engine type... Petrol models are the most popular. They are powerful and, depending on their weight, are divided into non-self-propelled models and self-propelled ones. The second type of power supply is electricity. Snow removal is not always done near a power source. In some areas, access to electricity is very limited. But this does not prevent many summer residents from using models with an electric motor. If the length of the wire is sufficient, then you can remove a small section very quickly. The advantages of such models are that there is no need for fuel filling and oil change, ease of maintenance, economy.
  2. Snow blower fuel tank capacity... This parameter for gasoline models ranges from 2 to 5 liters. This is enough for an hour of intensive work.
  3. Snow blower bucket size... The performance of the snow blower also depends on it. This parameter provides the amount of snow trapped.

In addition to the listed criteria, it is worth paying attention to the way the snow blower travels. Tracked models have better cross-country ability and overcome obstacles more easily. The performance of wheeled snow throwers depends on the depth and width of the tread.

Important! Snowblowers of all characteristics are unable to handle thick ice and are less productive in wet snow.

This must be taken into account when planning the workload.

Units from a trusted manufacturer

Among worthy and reliable manufacturers of snow removal equipment, summer residents note the Champion brand.

The technique is made taking into account all the requirements of consumers. Particular attention is paid to:

  • quality;
  • productivity;
  • ease of management;
  • affordable cost.

If we compare the Champion lineup with other manufacturers, then it is not too large. However, according to the above parameters, the technique wins in its quality. Taking into account the needs of consumers, the company produces electric and gasoline models. Champion petrol snow blowers are self-propelled and perform a full range of snow removal tasks.

The advantages of the manufacturer's lineup:

  1. The variability of the engine power of the snow blower allows you to choose a model with the right parameters for a specific task.
  2. Equipping models with an electric starter, which makes it possible to start equipment indoors and at low temperatures.
  3. A technically convenient gearbox providing maneuverability and driving comfort of the models.

An important advantage - Champion snow throwers cope with thick snow cover and icy surfaces.

Petrol snow blower Champion ST1074BS

An excellent car, which is considered the most powerful in the line. Easily copes with the removal of packed snow over a large area.

The presence of an electric starter allows the Champion ST1074BS snow blower to be started from the mains voltage of 220 V. You just need to push a button.

The unit is equipped with an additional headlight, which allows not to stop work in the dark.

The Champion ST1074BS snow blower differs from other devices in that the level of vibration and noise is low, the unit develops up to 10 horsepower and consumes fuel in moderation.

The engine of the Champion ST1074BS model is a four-stroke single-cylinder. Advantages - increased resource and overhead valve arrangement.

This development is offered for operation at low temperatures. The unit is structurally provided for solutions that allow it to work stably in the cold. Starting equipment at low temperatures will also not be difficult. This advantage provides power to the starter. It needs AC power, the Champion ST1074BS is not equipped with a battery.

Reversing is provided for increased maneuverability, so the Champion ST1074BS is easy to pull out if it gets stuck unexpectedly.

To work on a quality snow blower, no additional special knowledge is required. Everyone can cope with driving and snow removal.

Advantages of the Champion ST1074BS petrol snow blower over other models:

  • excellent bucket coverage;
  • high engine power;
  • winter engine from a reliable manufacturer;
  • the presence of a halogen headlight;
  • high-quality gearbox with 8 speeds (2 reverse and 6 forward);
  • serrated auger made of high quality steel;
  • a chute for ejection of snow from metal with a good safety margin;
  • gearbox accessible for service, heavy duty and heated operator handles.

From the technical characteristics, it is necessary to highlight the dimensions of the grab of the bucket, height 50 cm and width - 74 cm.And also:

  • installation power 10 HP
  • Equipped with an air-cooled, 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine.
  • range of discharge of snow masses - 15 meters.

By purchasing the Champion ST1074BS model for your site, you provide reliable assistance to yourself and your loved ones in putting things in order at the dacha during the winter months.

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