Snow blower AL-KO SnowLine: 46E, 560 II, 700 E, 760 TE, 620 E II

For most owners of private houses, with the arrival of winter, the issue of snow removal becomes urgent. Snowdrifts in the yard, of course, can be cleaned traditionally with a shovel, but it is much more convenient to do this with a special tool - a snowplow. This simple installation will help you to cope with the task quickly and efficiently, without much physical effort. Among all the brands on the market, the Snowline is the most popular snow blower. We will talk about its advantages and features, the variety of models of this brand further in the proposed article.

Manufacturer information

An unknown Alois Kober in the distant 1931 in the city of Groskertze, near Bavaria, opened a small locksmith's workshop, which was the beginning of the development of the huge German company AL-KO. Today under this brand there are about 45 representative offices located around the world. The company employs over 4,000 people.

The AL-KO company produces garden, climatic and trailed equipment. All products of this brand are distinguished by high reliability and functionality. The models offered by the company are easy to use, their design corresponds to the spirit of modernity.

The company's products have been in demand on the market for over 80 years, which means that the consumer appreciates the quality and availability of the offered goods. We offer you to get acquainted with only some models of snow blowers of this company.

The best models of AL-KO snow plows

AL-KO manufactures electric and gasoline snow throwers for domestic use. The electric snow blower needs access to a power source to operate, while the petrol units are independent and can operate in the “field” conditions. This is just one of the many benefits of a mobile installation. Electric cars also have some advantages, which we will discuss below.

Petrol snow blowers

All gasoline plants from AL-KO are distinguished by their power and some design features. The cost of the model of a snowplow also depends on the specific characteristics, therefore, before buying, you need to carefully study the proposed options and make a choice in favor of the machine that will have the optimal ratio of all technical qualities and prices.

Snowline 55 e

The most popular petrol model is the AL-KO Snowline 55 e. This machine is equipped with a wide and powerful grip that can handle even the heaviest snow quickly and efficiently. You can see the diagram of a snowplow of this model and get acquainted with its detailed technical characteristics below:

The AL-KO Snowline 55 e snow blower is quite compact and easy to use and store. Its power is quite enough to quickly remove snow drifts from a personal plot. The cost of such a car is quite affordable for the average family and amounts to 35-37 thousand rubles.

Snowline 620E II

Another petrol model of the snow blower is produced under the designation Al-KO Snowline 620E II. Compared to the above model, this machine is more powerful. It is equipped with a 2-stage motor, 5 forward and 2 reverse gears. A milling snowplow with deep treads is able to go through the most difficult places and remove snow caps up to 51 cm high, discarding the thickness of snow by 15 m. Agree, no winter is terrible with such a machine.

Important! The Al-KO Snowline 620 E II snow blower, weighing 83 kg with a snow milling cutter, is very manoeuvrable and easy to handle. The cost of such a powerful machine is 65-68 thousand rubles.

Snowline 560 II

The AL-KO Snowline 560 II is similar in performance to the Al-KO Snowline 620E II, but slightly less powerful. It does not have an electric starter, and the width of the auger grip is only 56 cm.It is worth noting that this width is quite enough for clearing footpaths. The presence of reverse and forward gears, as well as passable wheels make the gasoline car extremely maneuverable. The cost of such equipment is 53-56 thousand rubles. More information about its characteristics can be found in the table:

The work of the AL-KO petrol snow blower of the proposed model can be seen in the video:

Snowline 700 E

In the northern regions, it is convenient to deal with snow caps with the help of the AL-KO Snowline 700 E snow blower. This gasoline unit is capable of removing a cap of snow up to 55 cm high in one pass. The working width in this machine is 70 cm. The model is equipped with a rope and electric starter, 6 -th forward and 2 reverse gears, heated grips and headlights. Such an installation is capable of operating without fail under the most difficult conditions. Its cost is approximately 70-75 thousand rubles.

Snowline 760 TE

Even more powerful and reliable is the AL-KO Snowline 760 TE. This model is equipped with a toothed steel auger, 76 cm wide. This giant is capable of "gnawing" snow caps up to half a meter high and throwing snow 15 m to the side. The heated grip and the presence of a headlight make the work of clearing snow convenient and comfortable. Among the disadvantages of this model, one can single out only large dimensions, inconvenience in storage and high cost, which is 90-100 thousand rubles.

Important! The powerful AL-KO Snowline 760 TE snow blower with a wide grip is perfect for cleaning large backyards.

All AL-KO petrol snow blowers are equipped with the most reliable motors designed in Germany. They are characterized by trouble-free operation and low fuel consumption. It is convenient to use gasoline installations in the country, in a park or in other places far from the source of electricity. The large tank allows you to work as long as possible without refueling. Despite the size, all presented models are very maneuverable and easy to control. With their help, you can quickly and efficiently remove even the largest snow drifts.

Electric snow blower AL-KO Snowline 46 E

Electric snow blowers are less common on the market than gasoline-powered counterparts. At the same time, network-powered machines have a number of advantages:

  • small dimensions of installation and ease of storage;
  • lack of exhaust of fuel combustion products;
  • light weight of the machine;
  • affordable cost.

Among all the electric machines on the market, the most popular is the AL-KO Snowline 46E. It is reliable, easy to operate, and inexpensive. Such a machine is perfect for removing snow in the courtyard of a private house, where there is access to the power grid.

The electric snow blower AL-KO Snowline 46 E has a grip 46 cm wide and removes a snow cap up to 30 cm high. The unit throws snow 10 m from the cleaning point. The power of the AL-KO Snowline 46E is 2000 W. The model is equipped with a movable deflector that easily changes the direction of snow discharge by 1900.

The weight of the electric machine is only 15 kg, which makes it easy and simple to carry it at any distance. For compact storage, the handle of the snow blower can be folded down.

Important! The electric snow blower has a rubber shovel that gently removes snow from the most delicate surfaces.

The electric snow blower AL-KO Snowline 46E is the optimal model for domestic use. It is easy to operate and does not generate harmful emissions. The lightweight machine is easy to move and store. Working with such equipment is always a pleasure, and the low cost of equipment (11-13 thousand rubles) makes it widely available.

You can see the operation of an electric snow blower and hear comments, user reviews can be seen in the video:

Having decided to buy a snowblower, you need to understand that all gasoline models are more powerful, equipped with a rotating grip, which literally "bites" into the thickness of the snow. Electric models do not have a movable grip, and a shovel performs the function of collecting snow. The auger only throws out the collected snow from the cleaning site. Thus, an electric machine is perfect for working with a thin layer of snow, but it will be able to remove large snowdrifts with difficulty. Given these features, it is necessary to choose a car in accordance with the climatic characteristics of a particular region.


Vladimir Belsky, 52 years old, Obninsk
Two years ago, my wife and I bought an AL-KO electric snow blower. Snow gets away quickly, efficiently. Its only drawback is that the shovel sometimes "stumbles" on the pavement.
Anna Kudryashova, 34 years old, Surgut
We used to have an electric snow blower. We were satisfied with the quality of its manufacture, it worked without interruptions, but for a large volume of snow its power was not enough. Last year we purchased an Al-KO Snowline 620E II petrol snow blower. Although he is large, but very maneuverable. Snow clears up very, very quickly. It is not only my husband who copes with it, but also I, despite the fact that the installation itself is heavy and cumbersome.
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