Manual snow scraper Fiskars 143000

With the arrival of winter, there is always a problem with snow removal. As a rule, the owners of private houses use a shovel. But working with it is not only inconvenient, but also tiresome. Ask any person who has ever cleaned the yard and courtyard area after a snowfall. Everyone will complain about fatigue and aches throughout the body.

You can, of course, buy a snow blower, but not every Russian can afford such equipment. We offer an alternative to a shovel - a manual snow scraper Fiskars 143000. And it will be more convenient to work, and unlike snowblowers, the price does not bite. Of course, in order to make a choice, you need to understand how much snow you will have to shovel. We hope that our material will be useful for you.

A few words about the manufacturer

Fiskars is a manufacturer with a long history. It began back in 1649. It just so happened that in those days the Swedes ruled the Finnish lands, trying to master as much territory as possible. They also founded a small settlement of Fiscari. In the south of Finland there were rich deposits of ore, so at first the production for its extraction was organized.

A little later, a metal processing company of the same name was formed. The owners of Fiskars have been constantly changing for two centuries, which, of course, could not negatively affect its development. The enterprise was threatened with bankruptcy many times. Salvation and stability, paradoxically, was the annexation of the Finnish territory to Russia. It was the tsarist government that made efforts to preserve the metallurgical company Fiskars, breathed new life.

Today it is the most modern enterprise known all over the world. Among its brands are Fiskars garden tools, which are well-deservedly popular among Russians. The assortment is so extensive that it is almost impossible to talk about it in one article. Therefore, we will focus on the Fiskars hand scrapers.

Important! Fiskars products are patented and have the appropriate quality certificates. Russian dealers have a similar document.

What are scrapers

Before starting a conversation about Fiskars manual scrapers, let's first figure out what these tools are, what are their features and how they work.

Hand scrapers look like a shovel. But this, perhaps, is where the similarities end. For clarity, we present you with a table to make it easier to compare the required parameters and draw a conclusion.


Manual scraper

Scraper drag

Throwing snow to the side with a torso twist.

Move to the right place without lifting weights

You can move large blocks of snow, work in pairs.

Consists of a blade and a wooden handle.

Has a bucket and holder. With a small bucket, the holder is ergonomic, has a special handle at the end. If the width of the bucket is large, then the holder will have a U-shape, and its ends are attached to the edges of the bucket for greater strength.

Large bucket made of durable metal. The position of the holders is ergonomic.

The holder is always wooden.

The holder is wooden or lightweight made of aluminum, covered with durable plastic.

The holder is made of durable metal, it is fixed to the holder with self-tapping screws.

The scraper is intended for cleaning small areas from snow cover.

With the help of a scraper, large areas can be removed in a short time, without much effort, not only in private houses, but also around offices and shops.

Purpose - cleaning areas of any size, even after a long snowfall.

Attention! Fiskars scrapers have a sharp aluminum edge, which is reinforced with a steel pin, so the service life is decent.

But not only the above indicators of manual scrapers from the Fiskars company attract Russians. We have already talked about the cost, but we did not mention the Russian spirit. Many owners of private houses or summer cottages like to spend time in the frosty air. It turns out that having a manual scraper from the Fiskars company, not only will the yard become clean, but also health will increase!

Snow clearing tools at a glance:

Fiskars scrapers at a glance

To choose "your" snow removal tool, you need to find out its brief characteristics. In this overview-table they are presented:

Name of tools

General characteristics

Manual scraper 143000

Wide bucket - 53 cm made of polyethylene plastic, vacuum formed. There is a steel edge on the blade for reinforcement. No wet snow adhesion is observed.

Manual scraper Fiskars145020

Scoop 55 cm wide. Aluminum handle with ergonomic plastic cover. The tool is lightweight, so a person practically does not get tired when cleaning. You can work together. The scraper bucket material and design are identical to the previous model. Snow that has just fallen or thawed does not stick to the bucket.

Scraper-drag Fiskars 143020.

Snow does not stick to the wide blade (72 cm) made of polyethylene plastic (vacuum forming).

Everyone is free to choose those snow removal tools that they prefer, and, most importantly, according to their financial capabilities. Now let's take a closer look at the Fiskars 143000 scraper.

Manual scraper 143000

It is difficult for plants without a cover of snow, because for them it is a kind of blanket that saves living organisms from freezing. But the snow causes a lot of problems for the residents. After all, it is difficult to get through the snowdrifts even on foot, and there is nothing to say about cars. You have to take care of the tools for quick snow removal, so much so that you do not make much effort.


The ideal option for owners of private houses is the Fiskars 143000 hand scraper. The manufacturer of snow removal tools is Finland. The equipment is designed for individual needs.

To navigate the choice of equipment for snow removal, you need to familiarize yourself with the information:

  1. The Fiskars scraper is lightweight (only 1 kg 230g), women and children can safely work with it, because the snow is not raised to a height for throwing away, but simply pushed in the right direction.
  2. The width of the scraper bucket Fiskars 143000 is 0.53 m, the length of the holder is 1 m 50 cm, which allows you to remove large areas covered with snow.
  3. The holder of the scraper is thick, it is made of birch cuttings. This wood is durable. After grinding, the cutting is covered with black varnish, which lasts for a long time, does not wipe off during work.
  4. The blade is at a certain angle in relation to the holder, which helps to avoid tension in the muscles of the back and forearms. After all, the natural position of the body during work does not require you to bend over again.
  5. For the manufacture of the Fiskars 14300 hand scraper, frost-resistant reinforced plastic obtained by vacuum forming is used.
  6. The sturdy holder that attaches securely to the bucket has a rounded handle. It is not difficult to operate such a scraper.
  7. The blade of the bucket is sharp and is additionally reinforced with a steel (hardened stainless steel) edge for better snow scraping. The special piping prevents the scoop from rubbing off.
  8. It is also convenient to work with the Fiskars 143000 manual scraper because wet snow does not stick to the bucket.
Comment! In short - the Finnish snow removal product is reliable, durable and easy to use.

To make sure and understand the features of working with the Fiskars 143000 manual scraper, watch the video:

Customer Reviews

Andrey, 21 years old, Ivanovo region
I really like the Fiskars 143000 scraper. Dad bought it two years ago. Since then, there have been no problems with cleaning the yard after the snow. I like to warm up in the yard. When cleaning, a layer of snow of about 4 millimeters remains. This is very convenient, since the earth on the shoes does not drag into the house. Most often I don't even wear mittens, because the warmth emanates from the wooden handle. In general, a cool thing.
Vladimir, 48 years old, Serpukhov
Scraper manufacturers have thought through everything to the smallest detail. This is a distinctive feature of the Fiskars company. After a snowfall, thaws are not uncommon in our country. When removing snow with an ordinary shovel, you have to beat it off every time it gets frozen. And with the Fiskars 143000 hand scraper, there are no such problems. Both the bucket and the metal bar remain virtually clean. Friends also have such a shovel, but they collected it in Russia. Here she has a drawback (easily removable) - weakly tighten the screws on the holder mount.
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