Gasoline lawn mower: rating of the best models

Lawn mowers have long been in the service of utilities, and they are also in demand by owners of country houses. The choice of model depends on the cultivated area. If a large area is located far from home, then a self-propelled gasoline lawn mower will be the best solution to the problem of mowing grass.

Features of the device of self-propelled mowers

The comfort of using a self-propelled lawn mower is that it does not need to be pushed in front of you while working. The car drives itself, and the operator only guides it in the right direction. In self-propelled mowers, the torque from the gasoline engine is transmitted to the wheels. Thanks to this, the technique can be controlled by a person who does not have great physical strength.

Important! Gasoline lawn mowers have an impressive weight. The self-propelled function helps to cope well with the machine without putting too much effort.

All self-propelled models are divided into two groups:

  • Rear-wheel drive mowers do not slip. The cars are characterized by high cross-country ability, excellent ride on bumps and holes.
  • Front-wheel drive mowers are more maneuverable, but need level terrain for a good ride. The machines are convenient to use on lawns where there are trees, flower beds, sidewalks and other obstacles.
Important! Many front wheel drive lawn mowers are equipped with a rear mowing basket. Feedback from many users says that when the collector is filled, the center of gravity shifts. The front wheels begin to lift while driving, and the operator has to make extra effort to control.

Self-propelled gasoline lawn mowers with metal and plastic bodies are produced. Components have been added to the plastic to increase its strength. This housing is corrosion resistant, does not fade in the sun and is lightweight. But even the most durable plastic does not withstand strong impacts. And they often happen when the knife grabs stones on the lawn.

The most reliable is a gasoline lawn mower with a metal body. Moreover, aluminum alloys have a long service life. The steel body is corrosive and heavier.

The tread width of the petrol lawnmower depends on the model. For domestic needs, it is optimal to choose a model in which this indicator is in the range of 30–43 cm. Professional self-propelled mowers are designed for mowing large lawns. Naturally, their track width is increased by more than 50 cm.

Attention! Wheel size is an important parameter. It is the wide tread that causes less damage to the lawn grass.

When choosing a self-propelled lawn mower, you need to take into account its features. There are models endowed with mulching function. It is typical for each mower to have a certain number of switching steps that regulate the cutting height of green vegetation. Collectors are available in both hard and soft types. The plastic basket is easier to clean and the cloth bag is lightweight.

Grass collectors are also available with and without a fullness indicator. The first option is more convenient as the operator does not have to stop the machine frequently to check the basket.

Important! Professional mowers are equipped with a powerful petrol engine that makes a lot of noise during operation. Headphones are usually included with these machines.

The video provides an overview of a self-propelled mower for cutting tall vegetation:

Rating of popular gasoline lawn mowers

Our rating is based on feedback from users who have identified the best gasoline lawnmower for themselves in terms of performance and other parameters.

Self-propelled model Husqvarna R 152SV

The popularity rating is headed by a rear-wheel drive car, which can rightfully be called a jewelery car. The mower maneuvers perfectly on lawns with complex geometric shapes. The maximum driving speed is 5 km / h, but the smooth regulation allows the lawn mower to drive up to the flower beds with delicate vegetation and bushes.

The self-propelled mower is equipped with a 3.8 horsepower gasoline engine. The special sharpening of the knife allows you to chop not only grass, but also small branches caught in the way. The discharge of grass can be arranged to the side, to the rear or by using a grass catcher. The cloth bag is designed for a capacity of 70 liters. The cutting height is adjustable with an eight-step switch and has a range from 3.3 to 10.8 cm. The cutting width is 53 cm. There is a mulching function.

In user reviews, only one drawback is indicated - sometimes the nozzle is clogged through which the grass is ejected into the bag.

The powerful Husqvarna LB 448S

In the second position, our popularity rating is headed by a powerful front-wheel drive model designed for frequent and continuous use. In terms of cost, the mower belongs to the middle category. Most of the positive reviews apply specifically to the engine. The petrol engine from the Honda manufacturer is characterized by fast and smooth start-up.

A knife made of silumin withstands blows against stones falling on the lawn. This allows the mower to be used in difficult as well as heavily soiled areas. The cutting height adjuster has 6 steps. The grass is ejected backwards. There is a mulching function. The mowing width is 48 cm. The deep rubber tire tread provides reliable traction on the ground.

Many users consider the lack of a speed regulator as a disadvantage, as well as a grass catcher.

Compact mower McCULLOCH M46-125R

The American self-propelled mower weighs 28 kg. The front-wheel drive machine is characterized by maneuverability, which makes it easy to go around many obstacles on lawns and lawns. The mower is powered by a 3.5 horsepower gasoline engine. The motor is characterized by a quick start. The speed is one - 3.6 km / h and it is not regulated.

The mower is equipped with a 6-step mowing height adjuster with a range of 3–8 cm. The cuttings are ejected to the side or a 50 liter grass catcher is used. The basket can be made of cloth or plastic. The mowing width is 46 cm.

Of the shortcomings, users highlight the gluttony of the oil, as well as the lack of mulching function. The advantages are considered modern design and affordable cost.

Simple and inexpensive HYUNDAI L 4300S

A lightweight lawnmower suitable for private use. The rear-wheel drive car is equipped with a 4 horsepower engine. The unit weighs about 27 kg. A big plus is the presence of a system of anti-vibration and noise suppression. The easy-to-move machine practically does not tire your hands during long-term work. The cutting height adjustment range is 2.5–7.5 cm. The cutting element is a four-blade knife. The flaps create an air stream that throws cut vegetation into the cloth bag.

Of the positive qualities, users highlight economical fuel consumption, as well as easy and smooth engine start. The main disadvantage is the lack of speed control. The manoeuvrable mower with a powerful motor moves quickly on a level lawn, forcing the operator to keep up with it.

Super-powerful CRAFTSMAN 37093

If the rating of lawn mowers is made in terms of tractive force, then this model will take a leading position.The machine is equipped with a 7 horsepower motor. Rear-wheel drive is an even bigger plus. With these characteristics, the mower will process large areas with difficult terrain without rest.

The powerful motor is not an obstacle for comfortable movement. The speed controller allows the machine to be tailored to the requirements of the operator. The large wheel radius contributes to maneuverability and minimal damage to the lawn grass. The eight-stage mowing control allows you to set the height in the range from 3 to 9 cm. The mowing width is 56 cm. The large grass catcher is designed for 83 liters.

The disadvantage of users is the small volume of the fuel tank, because 1.5 liters is not enough for such a powerful engine. The lawn mower weighs 44 kg, which is also a lot. But the machine is self-propelled, so its large mass does not create problems in operation.

Sports AL-KO Highline 525 VS

The lawnmower has a modern, sporty design. The model is equipped with a 3.4 horsepower gasoline engine. Thanks to its rear-wheel drive and large wheel diameter, the mower has excellent stability on uneven lawns. The cuttings are ejected to the side or back. The rigid collector has a capacity of 70 liters. A big plus is the presence of a basket fullness indicator. The knife has a width of 51 cm. The seven-stage mowing control has a range of 3 to 8 cm.

The steel body is distinguished by a good shape, due to which the air flow, which is thrown into the grass basket, is increased. In addition, the car can drive up tightly to any obstacle.

The disadvantage of users is the low cutting height. For such a powerful engine, this range could be extended.


Concluding our rating, let's read user reviews of self-propelled gasoline mowers.

Anatoly, employee of a utility company
The company acquired the petrol mower CRAFTSMAN 37093 two years ago. The machine is a beast. During the day of work, we give rest only at lunchtime. The engine does not overheat, it starts quickly. We mow without problems on any uneven areas. Stones are often found, but the body and knife have not yet suffered. Everything is thought out in the mower, except for the small tank. We often have to refuel.

Nikita, owner of a suburban area
Near the house I have a large adjoining area of ​​11 acres. Trimmer Mowing grass in such an area is difficult, so I bought a McCULLOCH M46-125R lawn mower. For the season of use, there are no complaints. The mower is lightweight, comfortable, and rides like a toy on the lawn.

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