Propolis on alcohol: medicinal properties and contraindications

Propolis on alcohol helps with many diseases, and is also an excellent tool for strengthening the immune system. This beekeeping product is valued for its high content of biologically active substances. The benefits of propolis tincture on alcohol are confirmed by folk and traditional medicine. The product is a resinous substance with a viscous consistency of greenish or brown tint.

Is it possible to drink propolis with alcohol

Inside propolis alcohol tincture is used for almost all diseases. It is mainly used to treat diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, heart, blood vessels, respiratory and reproductive systems. This is an excellent remedy to strengthen the immune system.

The course of treatment and dosage depends on the specific disease. It is necessary to carefully study the indications for the use of alcoholic propolis tincture in order for the treatment to be as effective as possible.

Why is propolis tincture on alcohol useful?

The medicinal properties of propolis tincture on alcohol are recognized not only by traditional medicine, but also by traditional medicine. The product contains a huge amount of trace elements and vitamins necessary for the normal functioning of the human body.

Alcohol tincture on alcohol has the following medicinal properties:

  • relieves inflammation;
  • has a powerful antiviral and antiseptic effect, it has been proven that microorganisms are not able to adapt to propolis;
  • suppresses the reproduction and development of staphylococci, streptococci and other causative agents of dangerous diseases;
  • heals wounds quickly;
  • is a powerful natural antibiotic that is several times stronger than penicillin;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • has a strong analgesic effect;
  • relieves vascular spasms;
  • the strongest antioxidant that slows down the aging process;
  • normalizes metabolic processes;
  • restores liver cells and protects the organ from the effects of toxins.

What helps propolis infusion on alcohol

The alcoholic propolis extract is used as an anesthetic, it increases the protective functions of the body, inhibits the growth of malignant cells, and removes toxins from the body. Possessing a powerful antiviral effect, it kills pathogenic microorganisms.

Propolis on alcohol is used to treat:

  1. Skin diseases. The tincture relieves swelling and inflammation. Prevents decomposition on damaged integuments and mucous membranes. Stimulates the regeneration of epidermal cells.
  2. Cardiovascular disease. Propolis is used on alcohol for the treatment of vegetative-vascular dystonia. Prevents blood clots.
  3. Bacterial, viral infections. The therapeutic effect of the drug on alcohol is based on immunostimulating, antibacterial and antiviral properties.
  4. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The tool suppresses the activity of pathogens and removes toxins.
  5. Urological and gynecological diseases. Thanks to the regenerative and disinfecting properties of propolis, it perfectly copes with the treatment of uterine erosion, fibroids and prostatitis.
  6. Dental diseases.The vasoconstrictor property of alcohol tincture allows it to be used for bleeding gums, as well as after surgery. Increases the duration of the action of local anesthesia.

Tincture of propolis on alcohol for treatment is used externally and internally, depending on the disease for which it is used.

How to cook propolis with alcohol at home

For treatment, a tincture of 10% or 20% is used. A 10% solution is prepared from 90 ml of 70-degree alcohol and 10 g of propolis; for a 20% solution, the amount of ingredients is increased by 10 ml and 10 g, respectively.

There are two ways to prepare propolis tincture at home using alcohol.

Option 1


  • 100 ml of medical alcohol;
  • 10 g of propolis.


  1. Place a piece of propolis of the right size in the refrigerator so that it freezes slightly. Grind the beekeeping product on a grater, or wrap it with foil or paper and beat off with a hammer until fine crumbs are obtained.
  2. Transfer the resulting crumb to a dark glass dish and add alcohol. Close tightly with a lid and put in a dark place for 2 weeks, shake the solution periodically.
  3. Filter the alcohol tincture. The remaining crumb can be used for the secondary preparation of the tincture, but it should be borne in mind that it will be much weaker.

Store the medicine in a dark glass bottle in the refrigerator.

Option 2


  • 100 ml of 70% medical alcohol;
  • 10 g of propolis.

Cooking propolis with alcohol:

  1. The specified amount of beekeeping product is placed in alcohol. The container is placed on low heat and heated to 50 ° C. At the same time, they are constantly mixed and do not boil.
  2. Remove from the stove and filter through any filter. It can be gauze, cotton wool or thin fabric. The finished solution is poured into a dark glass vial and left for a week in a dark place.

How to take propolis tincture for alcohol

The dosage and course of treatment depends on the disease, for the treatment of which propolis tincture with alcohol is used.

To strengthen the immune system

Propolis saturates the body with useful minerals and vitamins, strengthening the immune system. The product can be consumed neat with honey. Propolis tincture on alcohol is used in the autumn-winter period, when the protective functions of the body are reduced.

To maintain immunity, a tablespoon is added to drinks or food three times a day for a week.

Children are given a glass of warmed milk, adding 2 drops of tincture to it.

With acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infections

Due to its antiviral and antibacterial properties, alcohol infusion is ideal for the treatment of almost all respiratory diseases. Helps speed up recovery from rhinitis, flu, bronchitis and sinusitis.

The infusion is taken orally, adding 20-30 drops to tea, three times a day.

For sore throat: rinse three times a day with a glass of warm water, dissolving 10 ml of solution in alcohol in it. Before rinsing with tincture, it is advisable to rinse the throat with saline.

With a runny nose, 3 drops of tincture are instilled into the nose twice a day. Rinsing is carried out as follows: dissolve ½ tsp in a glass of water. salts and tinctures.

For the treatment of chronic bronchitis, add 30 drops of alcohol tincture to a glass of warm drink. Consumed 3 times a day before meals for 10 days.

With tonsillitis, inhalation and rinsing are used, and a piece of bee product is absorbed for 10 minutes several times a day.

For the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza, a remedy is used that is prepared according to the following recipe:


  • 3 tbsp. l. corn oil, honey and propolis tincture on alcohol.


The ingredients are mixed until smooth. Consumed on an empty stomach in the morning, 5 ml for two weeks.

Important! You can use sunflower or olive oil instead of corn oil.

When coughing

Cough and complications from it are treated with the following remedy: a spoonful of butter, 1 tsp.Mix natural honey and a spoonful of alcoholic tincture, warm up and take hot. The course of treatment is a week. Do inhalation three times a day: dissolve ½ tsp in a glass of water. salt and a drop of alcohol tincture.

With diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

Regular intake of propolis tincture in combination with the main therapy will allow you to quickly cure stomach ulcers, colitis, gastritis or bacterial infections. Bee glue normalizes stool, disinfects and prevents intestinal adhesions.

The beekeeping product is infused with 95% medical alcohol in a ratio of 1: 5 for two days. Then the tincture is diluted with cool water 3:10. Consumed by diluting 5 ml of the product in a glass of warm milk or water three times a day one hour before meals. The course of treatment is 10 days. With an ulcer - 2 months.

When treating pancreatitis, 20 drops of alcohol tincture are added to a glass of warm milk and taken 3 times a day before meals for three weeks.

With diseases of the cardiovascular system

Propolis tincture thins the blood, so it is often used in the treatment of hypertension or hypotension. The beekeeping product regenerates the tissues of the heart muscle, renews cells and strengthens the walls of blood vessels. After consulting with a cardiologist, propolis is regularly taken throughout the month, alternating with a break of 30 days. The remedy will strengthen the heart, reduce the fragility of blood vessels and improve their patency.

Prescription for the treatment of cardiovascular disease:


  • 50 g of honey;
  • 200 g of alcohol;
  • 30 ml of 10% alcoholic tincture of propolis.


Peeled garlic is poured with alcohol and left in a cool dark place for 2 weeks. Honey and propolis tincture are added to the strained composition. Mix thoroughly. Take the remedy three times a day before meals, 25 drops. Six months later, the course of treatment is repeated.

For gynecological diseases

In the treatment of gynecological diseases and inflammations, douching or baths are performed.

  • Rrecipe 1. For douching, 10 ml of alcohol tincture is added per liter of water. The course of treatment is 10 days.
  • Recipe 2. Plantain, chamomile and yarrow are taken in equal quantities. 3 tablespoons of the herbal mixture are placed in half a liter of boiling water and heated over low heat for a quarter of an hour. Insist 2 hours, filter, add 30 drops of 20% propolis tincture on alcohol.
  • Recipe 3. Mix in equal parts propolis and calendula tincture. A spoonful of the alcohol mixture is dissolved in half a liter of warm water.

With skin pathologies

Propolis tincture on alcohol is used topically in the treatment of various skin pathologies: acne, lichen, eczema, psoriasis or minor injuries. The tool, unlike iodine, acts mildly and does not dry the skin. Accelerates the healing of burns, cuts and wounds.

Used to treat purulent, long-healing wounds, as well as trophic ulcers resulting from complications in diabetes mellitus.

With herpes in the morning on an empty stomach, take half a glass of water inside, after dissolving 20 drops of an alcohol solution in it, for a month. The rash is rubbed with a clean tincture several times a day.

Effective in the treatment of boils. They are regularly wiped with propolis tincture with alcohol.

Bee glue has antifungal properties, therefore it is used for mycoses of toenails and hands. Alcohol tincture is combined with tea tree oil in proportions of 1: 5. A cotton pad is moistened with the resulting solution and applied to the affected nails. The procedure is repeated twice a day. The course of treatment is a month.

For the treatment of psoriasis, canvas dressings soaked in a mixture of propolis and mild beeswax are used. Plaques, sticking to the tissue, are easily and painlessly removed. Weak immunity is one of the reasons for the development of psoriasis, therefore, the tincture for this disease is recommended to be taken orally to strengthen it.

With articular pathologies

The joints are treated with alcohol propolis for two weeks.For this, 100 g of rendered animal fat is combined with 10 ml of propolis tincture. The resulting mass is melted in a water bath until smooth, cooled and spread with a thick layer on the sore joint. Rewind with a bandage and fix with a cloth. Insulate the top with a woolen scarf. Leave the product for an hour.

For the treatment of sciatica, a composition of sunflower oil, honey and 30% propolis tincture on alcohol is used, taking a spoonful of all the ingredients. Stir thoroughly and apply to the mustard plaster, which is applied to the diseased area of ​​the body, fixing it with a bandage.

For toothache and gum disease

Alcohol tincture of propolis will help to cope with acute toothache, reduce bleeding gums, accelerate healing after surgery, and treat stomatitis. Use for rinsing or apply tampons. Experts recommend adding the solution to the paste when brushing your teeth.

  • Recipe 1. In a glass of warm water, dilute 5 ml of propolis solution with alcohol, add the same amount of calamus tincture. Rinse the mouth, holding it for 10 seconds on the affected area. The procedure is repeated 5 times a day for two weeks.
  • Recipe 2. The tincture is mixed with water in a 1: 3 ratio. The resulting solution is impregnated with a tampon and applied to the diseased area. This method is used twice a day for acute toothache.

With diabetes

Alcohol tincture of propolis is indispensable in the treatment of the first and second types of diabetes mellitus.

The therapy is carried out according to the following scheme:

  1. 1st day - a drop of propolis tincture is diluted in alcohol in a spoonful of milk. Take 20 minutes before meals three times a day.
  2. Every day, increase the dosage by 1 drop, bringing the amount to 15. Then the countdown begins in the same order.

Take the remedy for alcohol according to the scheme for six months. Then they pause for 3 months and repeat the course of treatment.


You should not increase the amount of propolis tincture on alcohol indicated in the recipe for the treatment of a particular disease. Overdose can lead to a sharp increase or decrease in pressure, heart rhythm disturbances, loss of strength, dizziness. In this case, taking the drug for alcohol should be stopped immediately.

Before treatment, it is recommended to take a small dose of the solution and observe the body's reaction for a while. Consultation of a specialist is imperative.


Allergies and individual intolerance is a strict contraindication to the use of propolis tincture on alcohol for treatment. It is forbidden to take it during pregnancy, breastfeeding, as well as small children.

It is used with caution in liver pathologies and malignant neoplasms.

The remedy is contraindicated for people who have alcohol intolerance.

Terms and conditions of storage

Tincture of propolis on alcohol is stored for no more than two years in a cool, dry place. The refrigerator is the perfect place for this. The solution is poured into dark glass containers and sealed well. This will protect the alcoholic tincture from high humidity and prevent it from absorbing foreign odors.


Propolis on alcohol helps with most pathologies and strengthens the immune system. The tool is widely used for treatment in folk and traditional medicine. To achieve the maximum effect, before use, you need to carefully study the medicinal properties and contraindications of propolis alcohol tincture.

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